Ways to Beat Ageing



Aging is a natural inevitable process still everyone dreads it.  People try to find out newer ways to fight aging and delay the process.  Oneworldnews suggests you easy and simple ways to remain fit, healthy and retard the process of aging.


Balanced Diet:

Consumption of anti-aging foods such as olive oil, broccoli, sea food and garlic keep your skin young and shiny for long. Olive oil protects you against heart ailments and garlic eliminates your unwanted cholesterol. Avoid taking junk food as they are unhealthy.


Enjoy Your Food:

Never eat your food merely for filling your stomach rather relish every bit you engulf. Chew properly and enjoy your food,


Believe it, your digestion will be easy and slow eating decreases stress.


Sun Protection:

Sun’s ultraviolet rays are extremely harmful for your skin and speeds up the process of ageing. Whenever you step out in open, always apply a good sunscreen. Remember sunscreen is your personal guard against tanning and wrinkles. Though sun is essential for absorbing Vitamin D, but do not bake yourself in the sun because it can result in freckles, wrinkles and makes your skin dry, leathery and rough.




Eat Green Vegetables:

Include green vegetables in your daily diet. Green vegetables contain Vitamin C, E and Selenium retards the ageing process and eliminates free radicals that are harmful for your body’s wellness.


Onions, corn, beetroot, eggplant, spinach, pineapples, orange, banana, grapes and watermelons are enriched with antioxidants. Vitamin C protects your skin from the damage caused by sun and decreases the natural ageing process.


Avoid Smoking:

Smoking damages your skin and makes it old and worn out. It renders your complexion lusterless and lifeless. It starves your skin of the life-giving oxygen. Stop smoking and have a healthy skin.


Mental Exercises:

Keep learning new things as this exercise your brain and keeps you young, active and even updated. Challenge your mind with puzzles and quizzes. They sharpen your mind and keep it agile.


Essential Sleep:

Sleep is the most essential and vital component of your youth. A composed seven to eight hours of sleep is sufficient enough to rejuvenate and radiate you all day long.


Stretch Yourself:

Stretch exercises are good for health and they promises amazing health-boosting results. Walk for 3o minutes everyday and be assured for healthy life. Besides facilitating weight loss, exercises reduce your blood pressure, blood sugar level, heart ailments, etc. Exercises make your skin more flexible and strong.


Get Rid of Stress:

Stress is extremely injurious for your health as well as skin.  Stress leads to wrinkles and freckles formation on your skin and hasten the process of ageing. For a healthy, radiant and youthful skin, keep stress at bay. Yoga and meditation can help you keep you fight stress successfully.


Follow CTM:

CTM stands for cleansing, toning and moisturizing and is an effective method to take care of your skin. Make a routine to clean your face with a cleanser, apply toner and then apply moisturizer in the end. This beauty regime will keep your skin supple and healthy and will slow ageing the process.

Follow these unbeatable ti

ps to delay ageing and staying young for long.


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