Ways In Which The Instagram Verified Badge Influence the Influencers

The Instagram Verified Badge influences the influencers in a great way.

Creators or celebrities, professionals or business brands, all want the blue Instagram verified badge beside their name in their Instagram account. The simple blue tick at the front of their name is not only the proof of verification but also the indication that the account has a large number of followers in the social media platforms.

All social media platforms have a verification indicator of their own whether it is Twitter or Facebook and until now this account verification mechanism of Instagram was only the celebrities were aware of. In August 2018, Instagram made it available to the general public who can now apply for such verification of their account, albeit with a few specific criteria fulfilled first.

As for the marketers, they look for this blue tick first while searching for an Instagram or any other social media account. There are several reasons for it such as:

  • This mark gives them an added assurance while they look for the Influencers to promote their business or brand and endorse their product.
  • The verified badge describes the originality of the account and as far as the influencers are concerned they have an exclusive club charge to become a celebrity.
  • They usually have access to those accounts of members that Instagram features only as important for a particular business.

Therefore, these blue badges influence the influencers in a great way. To understand how it happens, you have first know what this blue verification badge really means, How to get the verified check on Instagram and then try to find out the impact it has on the relationship between a marketer and an influencer.

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About the Instagram verified badge

According to a post on Instagram, this blue checkbox that appears next to the account name of the holder is also found on the profile and in the search. This Instagram verified badge indicates that Instagram has verified and confirmed that the account is authentic and belongs to a celeb, public figure, or a global brand that it represents.

  • For any influencer, this small blue check mark has a lot of significance. It shows how good a follower list the influencers have. However, Instagram does not specify anything about the minimum requirement of followers that an account should have to get the blue verified badge.
  • Moreover, Instagram does not provide this badge to anyone and every one to ensure that the value of this mark is not reduced. In fact, obtaining the verification badge for an Instagram account is much more difficult as compared to those of other social media platforms.

This is because Instagram maintains a very strong stance and is the toughest of all sites to provide a verification badge. They are more conscious of their reputation.

Apart from the basic requirements, Instagram needs accounts holders to have a good number of followers and a maximum engagement level to get this badge for verification. It is only when you fulfill the needs of Instagram that they will verify your account and feel that it is needed for your account so that it can be distinguished from the others. You will then have the Instagram Verified Badge from them.

The real cost factor

Now, if you want to use influencers holding Instagram verified badge you may wonder about the amount they will charge for sponsored posts.

Well, in general, all brands consider the average volume of engagements or ‘likes’ generated by an account to get in touch with an influencer. This is the primary factor that determines the payment factor of influencers or celebrities.

  • This means you will have to pay a higher amount if the number of followers is high or the frequency of engagement is considerably high.
  • On the other hand, if you consider going with the micro-influencers, you will certainly have to pay less and even have a lesser fan following and reach.

According to a recent survey about the payment to the influencers, it is found that:

  • An Instagram post costs about $0.10 on an average on engagement when about thousands of influencer collaborations are analyzed. This means that if an influencer has 5000 likes on an average to their content, you will have to pay them about $500 at the least for each post.
  • It is also found that such celebs and influencers who have an account that is Instagram verified they often charge much more as compared to an average creator or influencer and this may be even higher than what they should charge you according to Instagram.

Consider the account of Selena Gomez, the most followed account on Instagram, for that matter. Her account has about 4 million engagements on an average for each post. This means, according to the set standards of the industry, the cost of her sponsored posts can be estimated at $400,000. This is quite a lot of money.

However, this is just the estimated calculation. The truth is even more alarming. It is said that MediaKix found that the singer ostensibly charges more than $550,000 for a post!

To sum up

Therefore, you should never underestimate the importance of the Instagram Verified Badge Holders. If you want to use them for your business branding and promotion make sure that you do not irritate them by negotiating too much on their price like most of the marketers do.

You must understand this first that according to Instagram there is no minimum count for the followers to a particular account that will help that account to get the Instagram Verified Badge.

However, no matter if you are a bit tight on your budget or not, you must at all cost and times respect the micro-influencers as well as their follower counts. This is because if you can manage then to agree to collaborate with your brand, you can expect a steep rise in the number of likes and followers for your brand as well.

This will, in turn, result in more organic traffic, higher rate of conversion and in the end more revenue to your business.

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