Ways for beautiful skin, even in summers

When the harsh, scorching sun is not having any mercy on your beautiful skin then protecting it could be hard but not impossible. How we wish to be able to stay in air-conditioner for entire day but that’s not possible because more than half of us are working and are in contact of dust and heat. So what is to be done to keep the skin as healthy and beautiful as it stays in winters? Well, Dr. Sushruth Kamoji from Bangalore has laid down some points to practice every day to keep your skin refreshing-

Ways for beautiful skin, even in summers

– Of course keeping your skin moisturized is very important but apart from that one has to keep cleansing it because it helps in restoring the softness of the skin which is at risk due to its external contact with pollution, dust etc.

– No matter how much we hide, skin is exposed and it shows when you have dead skin. So, exfoliating becomes really important because not only it removes the dead skin but it also improves the blood circulation on the face, especially during summers. You do not need to visit beauty parlour often, there are many home-remedies available and one of the most common and effective is to mix besan, milk, rose water and turmeric powder into a paste and apply on face and wash it off when it’s dry.

Ways for beautiful skin, even in summers

Washing your face is very important. Wash it before leaving and after coming back to home however washing it more times will not harm your skin since we understand it is summers and one tends to sweat a lot. Using your skin type face-wash will also help. Take care of the fact that you do not use soap on face since it tend to make your face dry. Not only face-wash but to have water is also equally important because the more you drink water, the more your skin will look good and even happy.

– Do not have Aerated Drinks- Having water doesn’t mean that to satisfy your thirst you will have aerated drinks but if you want to add some taste to the water then immerse a piece of fruit in water for some time and then consume it. Also, as food items you can consume more of cucumber, watermelon, papaya and curd.

Ways for beautiful skin, even in summers

Other than all of this keep in mind to opt for water-base moisturizers and do not forget to keep your body covered as much as possible. As soon as you move out instantly the pollution particles starts settling on your face so toning also helps you to protect your skin. So, we hope you’ve got all the necessary pointers to save your skin this summer’s however, every skin is different so if you have any doubts regarding specific skin type, do not forget to write to us at and we would get back to you with right advice.

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