Watch Your Tongue! What Tongue Tells About Health

Here are the hints your Tongue is giving about health

An ancient medical system like Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medical system, always observe tongue to understand the natural health of a person. They would diagnose the diseases according to the health of the tongue. Every area of the tongue represents something or another. The front of the tongue is related to the lungs and heart; the middle part reveals about liver, spleen & stomach; the back is associated with kidney, small intestine & colon; the very tip of the tongue correlates with thyroid, and the middle of the tongue reveal about the spine. Hence, the tongue is the strong diagnostic tool to look at inner health.

Here are the two important science which will reveal the underlying problem.

Dr. Adhishesh Kaul, MBBS says, “Tongue is a very important organ giving useful information about the patient. This includes the Color, Size, and Structure of the tongue.

Doctors also assess the hygiene, rule of tonsillitis, rule of cleft palate, and check for immune status.

White coating on the tongue

White coating on the tongue

The White coating on the tongue represents the presence of toxins in your system. When the white coating is observed at the root of the tongue that root area indicates irritation or a problem in the intestine. Toxins at the intestinal level, white coating at the middle of the tongue represents toxin deposits in the stomach area. This coating also shows the presence of toxins in the corresponding order. To remove the toxin, a person has to consume detox food. This food could include curd, papaya, cruciferous vegetable (like Broccoli, Cabbage, cauliflower, etc.), and lemon. These things are used to remove the toxins.

Yogi Kriya

Vaman Dhauti helps in detoxifying the digestive system and the stomach.

Secrets Your Tongue Holds About Your Health | Health, Tongue health, How to stay healthy

Purple Tongue 

A Purple Tongue indicates a heart problem and improper circulation throughout the body. This needs immediate attention and a person must visit the doctor.

Start eating heart-friendly food and do certain relaxation techniques to help yourself.

Yogi Kriya

Sukhasana Nishpanda bhava

Meditating will also work wonders.

Cracks on tongue

Multiple cracks on the tongue represent nervous disorders like stress, tension, and depression.

If the crack is at the central line of the tongue, then that indicates something wrong with the spine. It could be the stress and tension of the spinal area.

Yoga and meditation really help in overcoming all the mental stress. Yoga asanas would really help in strengthening the spine. Spine has to be exercised in all the directions – forward, backward, sideward, twist upward, and downward. The person should work on the spine and see that the spine becomes healthy.

Yogi Kriya

Certain asanas like Bhujangasana, Sarvabgasana, Sputa vakrasna, KonasanaParvatasana, and talasana will keep your spine at a healthy pose.

Pale tongue

Pale tongue

The tongue represents the deficiencies of iron. All blood-related problems like anemia, low hemoglobin, should consume iron-rich food and the food which purifies the blood.

Green leafy vegetables, beetroot, pomegranate, and food-related to blood purification make it rich in iron, hemoglobin, and even red blood cells.

Teeth marks around the tongue

It indicated malnutrition or malabsorption of the nutrients. Malabsorption is due to the infection or inflammation of the intestine. It can also be the result of excessive use of antibiotics. All this would cause weak digestion resulting in Malabsorption.

Yogi Kriya

Certain asana is essential in such a case.

Yoga mudra



Breast Cancer Awareness

If the person does these regularly, then their digestive system would function really well.

Yoga says that tongue cleaning is very essential. In the morning, after brushing your teeth, clean your tongue also without fail.

Observe the tongue in the morning as well as in the night.

Start understanding the hints given by your body and take charge of yourself. Become more self-reliant, and self-observant.

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