Was roasting Arnab Goswami by Kunal Kamra justified?

Kunal Kamra roasted Arnab Goswami  Row divided Netizens opinion 

Kunal Kamra recently posted a video of 1.51 minute of him accosting Republic TV editor-in-chief, Arnab Goswami, during a Mumbai-Lucknow Indigo flight. During Kamra’s relentless on-camera grilling, Arnab Goswami kept mum, earphones in place, waiting for Kamra to retreat. Kamra kept grilling the senior journalist of Republic TV for his coverage of Rohith Vemul’s death (among other things). He also questioned Goswami, “which caste Rohith Vemula and his mother Radhika belonged to. The comedian urged him to read his suicide letter, and said: “for once in your life, be human.”

Kunal Kamra banned by Indigo flights and Air India

Indigo flights have banned Kunal Kamra from flying with Indigo for six months citing his unacceptable behaviour in flight. Air India has also banned Kunal Kamra from flying on any Air India flight for an indefinite time.  Kunal had a hilarious response to the ban. Look at his tweets. 

Is it justified?

People have reacted with a mixed response. Some think that Kunal Kamra did no wrong as he gave the Arnab the taste of his own medicine. Others think that Kamra’s tactics were unacceptable, even his intentions were noble. We think one has no right to discomfort someone in his/her private time, no matter who he is. You might disagree with the journalism of Arnab Goswami, you might think that he makes some people uncomfortable in his show, that does not mean that you could do the same to him. If you don’t like his shows, you could simply switch the channel but roasting someone on a flight in public is not justified at all.

There has been a trend in the last 1-2 years where a segment of Media (some people call them Modia) have been rejected by the public. Recently, Zee News and Newsnation senior journalists Sudhir Chaudhary and Deepak Chaurasia were not allowed to talk to the public of Shaheen Bagh. During the early days of CAA protest, some channels were boycotted by the protestors. People have started to understand the tactics available in order to prop up the ruling party’s political agenda. One could observe rampant casteism, religious-bias and attacks on liberals in India’s leading newsrooms, television journalism in particular. This has led to a decrease in the credibility of the press and ethics of journalists.

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