Warning: 5 things you should delete from your Facebook account right now!

Make your Facebook account safer: Here are five things you should not put on Facebook

Well, almost everyone has an account on Facebook, Isn’t it? From kid to elderly people everyone is addicted to Facebook in order to get socialize with others that is not physically possible these days. Just like Google, Facebook’s business is built around a simple design. It offers services to users for free, but those users are not Facebook’s customers. Instead, Facebook’s customers are companies that pay to run advertisements on its website and in its mobile apps. And the reason Facebook is so successful is that it offers its clients ways to target their ads better than the most rivals.

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What all you should keep in check?

Always remember that by using Facebook, you are agreeing to let the company make use of your data in order to serve you targeted ads. As long as you understand that, then go right ahead and use Facebook all you had like — but there are still a few things you are better off keeping to yourself.

Everything that you like on Facebook is really order tied to your user profile. As a result, the site learns more and more about you in order to serve you ads that you are most likely to click.

Your general information that you mention on your Facebook accounts can sometimes create major difficulties in your life! So, prevention is always better than cure! Delete these 5 things immediately from your account guys.

1. Where you live: Immediately delete your home address if you have with mentioned it on your Facebook account. Many of us even add our locations of an event which is not at all safe. There is a security issue — if someone gains access to your account, they now know exactly where you live. Beyond that, location plays a huge role in the targeted advertising profile Facebook wants to build for you. If you must, just drop in a city and state but leave your street address a mystery.

2. Workplace : Again a lot of us do this mistake but never mention about your workplace too. The reasons for omitting your work address and history are similar to your home address, but your work history also makes it easy for annoying former co-workers to find you. Just delete it.

Few things you should right away delete from your FB

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3. Contact number Girls especially you should not mention your phone number on your account. It can be really dangerous. If you give Facebook your cellphone number, that exposes you in a few different ways. It means anyone and everyone who has your cell number can find you on Facebook, which is something you might not want. They also might be able to see profile info that you thought was only visible to your friends. Instead of it, use a service like Google Voice. You will get a free number and texts can be forwarded to your real cell or to an email address. That way you can use two-step authentication without supplying your actual cellphone number.

4. Birthday: Almost every other person mention about their birthday on Facebook. But again it’s not safe. More importantly, if someone ever gains access to your Facebook account without your knowledge, your birthday is a key piece of info they need to verify your identity if they try to gain access to other accounts.

5. Your interests and likes : Feel free to post whatever you had like on your wall on in the comments section of things that your friends post. But Facebook also asks for things like whom you are interested in as well as your political and religious views in your profile. Adding that info to Facebook offers you no benefit whatsoever — it just gives Facebook an even better idea of what ads to show you.

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