Want to listen to people’s experience of travelling, Here are the podcasts you must be following


Well, travel can have such a kind of impact on you. It can make you speechless for a while and a storyteller in the other. The beauty of travelling is immense and when the moments get recorded, it becomes even better of memory, one can always go back and look at. Well while documenting one’s travel journey is one beauty, listening to someone’s travel experience can be another. And for someone who loves travelling, both the things perhaps make them happy. So, for your love of travelling, here are the podcasts you can listen to, to satisfy the traveller that lives within you.

1. Zero to Travel Podcast

Hosted by James Moore, this podcast finds you with all the travelling tips, budget suggestions, travel stories, hippie travel destinations, work-while-travel approaches and more, all on a unified platform, that is Zero to Travel Podcast. Moore perhaps believes in letting the travellers be well excited and equipped with the resources to travel further but also to survive on the road and hence he documents his journey and experiences of being on such an expedition.

2. Extra Pack of Peanuts (EPOP)

One can’t help but admire Heather and Travis, for not just giving travel goals but also for some genuine couple goals. Starting with Travis Sherry, also known as ‘Rick Steves of the New Age,’ EPOP is a podcast every budget traveller should be following. The podcast can help travellers have the best travelling advice, starting from which flight to take to the best way to explore the destination and that too in small budgets.

3. The Musafir Stories

Exploring the magnificence of India may not have been better than the way this podcast has been doing. Led by the passion for exploration and travel, the Bangalore-based entrepreneur Saif Omar and his wife Faiza have initiated the Musafir Stories as a ‘passion project.’ Graced by a variety of celebrities, the show has been curated by the presence of all the beautiful storytellers, bloggers and travel enthusiasts. As Omar himself said, the primary purpose of the podcast is to share the stories of and from India to the world.

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4. The reDiscovery Podcast

If travel is your passion and you can do anything for it, follow this podcast them. The couple host of this show, in 2016 left their jobs to travel the beauty of the country and find authentic stories from different corners of the country. Hoshner, an advertising executive com filmmaker with Ambika, a political scientist hosts the show and gives you all the stories that you need to know about India and other places that they have been travelling.

5. Indie Travel Podcast

Wondered how life on the road can be? Okay, the couple, Linda and Craig Martin, behind the Independent Travel Podcast, have been answering all these road travel-based questions for the new road travellers. Initially, the idea was to launch a blog on ‘how not to suck on travel,’ an area where they wanted a lot of advice themselves while being on it. And now, the podcast is perhaps the most favourite ones of all the travel podcasts we have come through.

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