Want to get rid of Wrinkles? Use Alum to keep them at bay

Beauty and Health Benefits of Alum

Alum is used in every household. Alum blocks are made of natural potassium alum, a material found on rocks in areas of weather and oxidation which has antiseptic and astringent qualities. Well, we are sure that you are not aware of its astonishing health and skin benefits.  It is not just good for health, but it can help you look super gorgeous. By using it, you can remove scars and many problems related to your skin. The use of alum not only makes your skin beautiful but your hair too. It also helps in making the hair color black and dense.

It can make your skin glow

So, here are some beauty benefits of Alum:-

    • If you will apply the alum regularly on your skin, it will definitely enhance the glow of your face in a few days
    •  To use it firstly, wash your face with water and clean it. Now, take a piece of alum and rub on your face with light hands by wetting them in water. Splashing your face with cold water helps close pores and allows the block to easily glide over your face. Then after washing the face with water, apply moisturizer.
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  •  If the sun has burnt your skin, don’t worry, grind alum and mix it with a little water and put on sunburn area.
    If you constantly use this therapy for a couple of days on your face, then you will get rid of sunburn soon.
  • The use of alum helps prevent wrinkles on the face too. For use of alum for this, put the alum in water and leave it for two hours, then wash your face with the same water. Then clean the face with cold water.
  • Alum can also be used for other small cuts. It is safe enough to use on children too. But, don’t forget to keep the alum in cold water before its use.

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Some people use alum as an alternative to deodorants. It might be a good option if you want to avoid spraying or rubbing chemicals on your body.

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