Want to boost your child’s IQ? Include fish in their diet

Including fish in your Kids’ diet can boost his/her IQ

According to a research, children who eat fish once a week sleep better and have higher IQ than others.  Notably, they have four points higher IQ, on average, than those who consume fish less or not at all.

The research also suggested that those whose meals sometimes included fish scored 3.3 higher IQ level. Also, consumption of fish also boosts sleep quality.  A lot of studies have previously shown a relationship between omega -3s, the fatty acids in many types of fish, and improved intelligence. It also showed a relationship between Omega 3s and better sleep but they have never all been connected before.

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The new study has revealed sleep as a possible mediating pathway – the potential missing link between fish and intelligence, the researchers told.  Notably, lack of sleep is associated with antisocial behavior which leads to poor cognition.    Omega 3 can reduce anti-social behavior and fishes are enriched with Omega 3.

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The research has proved that eating fish can have enormous health benefits, especially for growing children. Eating fish on a regular basis should be heavily promoted.  So if you also want to boost your child’s IQ, then you should feed them fish at least once in a week.

Here are some more amazing health benefits of eating fish:

  • They are high in nutrients that help in proper functioning of body and brain.
  • Eating fish can keep your heart healthy and it also reduces the risk of heart stroke and heart attack.
  • It can increase the Grey matter in the brain and protects it from aging.
  • Including fish in your diet can keep you happy and it will also lower the risk of depression.
  • Eating fish will fulfill your need for Vitamin D.

So this weekend do not forget to cook fish for your family!

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