Want to become a Journalist? Guide for all Beginners

Is it easy to be a journalist? What all you should keep in mind before choosing it as your career 

Time has changed and with each passing year, trends are also changing. Students all across the globe are now opting for professional courses. They are more inclined towards subjects which gives them the freedom to explore new things. And one such professional course is -Mass Communication. A lot of students today aspire to become a journalist.  One of the major reasons behind this is the glamour factor involved in this career. Journalism has evolved in the past few years. Gone are the days when Journalist used wear Kurta and Jeans. Now, the profession has become more glamorous. Not only knowledge, but there are so many things that one should practice if he/ she wants to become a journalist.

You can also do field work
You can also do field work

Things you need to learn and practice if you want to become a journalist

If someone says he or she is a journalist, then people expect that they will definitely have good command over General Knowledge. Yes, it is important. You should be aware of different issues going in the country. Of course, there are beats in this field such as – Business, Entertainment, Politics, Crime, Lifestyle but you should definitely keep some basic General Knowledge on your tips.

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Writing is the first step

To become a successful journalist, you should always keep writing. You should have good command over the language. You may choose it according to your convenience it can be Hindi, English or any other regional language but flair knowledge of the language will always be an advantage. But good command over the language doesn’t mean usage of the fancy words. Make your readable and try to crisp and short. And as Journalist say- ” KISS” – Keep it short and simple.

Choose your Forte

The trends have changed. People are now moving towards social media. Web Channels have a huge craze among young students. So to be a part of them, you need to choose your forte. One should always keep himself or herself open to learning, but choosing one forte is important. You can have the basic knowledge of every subject but you should have expertise at least one subject.

Form opinions but don’t reflect them in your articles

Forming an opinion is not a bad thing but you should not reflect them in your articles. If you are writing an opinion, then it’s fine. Being a journalist it’s your duty to report the news not to manipulate it.

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