Want glowing and healthy skin? Try Honey to get flawless skin

Make homemade packs using honey to get soft and healthy skin

Honey is a nutrient booster which can act as the best beauty product you can ever own. Honey is a sweet, viscous food substance which is produced by bees and related insects.

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Honey is basically made from sugary secretions of the plant. Honey gets its sweetness from the monosaccharide fructose and glucose. Honey has the taste as that of a granulated sugar. Must be curious why the packed honey doesn’t get expired? The reason behind, most of the microorganisms do not grow in honey. So, sealed honey stay good for years.

Honey is considered to have 64 calories in a tablespoon (15 ml). It has no significant nutritional value. Honey is generally safe but it may have different effects depending up on the excess consumption, existing diseases or allergies, consuming prescription drugs.

History of Honey

Honey has a long and varied history in ancient times for its use and production. Honey has so many advantages. Even a diabetes patient can have honey because it is a natural product whereas sugar contains fat.

Applying Honey on the skin is beneficial as well. Everyone knows about the goodness and benefits of honey, it is a highly admired ingredient in the world of beauty and why not? It is one of the only materials that suit every skin type – normal, dry, combination, acne on dry skin- it provides moisture and hydrotherapy; on skin acne – it works wonders with its anti-bacterial and antiseptic effects. Honey is very moisturizing in nature and is full of anti oxidants.

Honey has got an amazing healing power; it works on rashes, marks, burns etc. Honey contains natural hydrogen peroxide that prevents bacteria.

It can also remove impurities from blocked pores and prevent acne. Honey is very good when it is consumed internally, it can be replaced with sophisticated sugar and it will reduce your calorie intake.

Therefore, without pointing to each of my benefits, I can vouch for the fact that you can know exactly how great honey is for the skin. Now, we have the best face pack with honey as the main ingredient and the entire spectrum of skin type in the face pack has been covered.

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They are especially good for oily skin and hair since they help tighten large pores and hair follicles that secrete too much sebum.
So here are the INGREDIENTS required to make the face pack:

• ½ tbsp Honey
• ½ tbsp Lemon
• 1 egg white


• Mix all the ingredients well.
• Apply for 30 minutes on the face and neck.
• Rinse thoroughly with cold water.
This pack will lead to a smooth skin and you’ll notice that your pores have tightened up.


Although neglected in the beauty care regimen, milk powder helps in intense care for rough and dry skin which seeks for moisture.
So here are some INGREDIENTS you need to make the face pack:

• 2 tbsp of milk powder
• ½ tbsp of honey
• 1 tbsp of lemon juice


• This is a tan removal face pack.
• It acts as a natural cleanser as well.
• Mix all the ingredients together.
• Apply it on the face and neck and leave for 30minutes.
• Rinse off with cold water.

This pack will lead to a tan free smooth skin.
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Turmeric has been used as a beauty product for centuries. It is an inexpensive and natural way of treating several skin problems and getting a flawless skin. It comes with a range of benefits for the skin.

So here are the INGREDIENTS you need to make the face pack:

• 1 tbsp turmeric

• 1 tbsp honey


• Mix the honey and turmeric nicely.

• Apply it on the face and neck.

• Rinse thoroughly.

Honey balances the out the strong turmeric in the face pack and helps to remove tan. It helps to bring glow on the face.

So these were some of the face packs you can make with the help of honey adding different elements to it. There are many others things which can be used with honey to make effective face packs like adding Avocado, Carrot, Oats, and Strawberry etc. So, according to your skin type and the results you want to choose you’re easy to make face packs and apply to face and neck or even can be used for the body as an Anti-Tan pack.

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