Wallet Etiquettes that everyone should know!

Essential things you must carry in your wallet

We all carry wallet with us, right? Forgetting wallet at home can mess up your day. There are few important things that we all should keep in our wallet. So what all you should keep in your wallet? Here is a list, take a look. These 5 things can come really handy in difficult situations. And do not forget wallet is not just keeping cash but it can be used for various things.

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1. Id proofs: Yes, it’s a basic wallet Etiquette. Apart from keeping cash in your wallet, you should also keep an Id proof that consist of valid information of yours with you. So, if any case it gets misplaced people can easily reach to you.

2. Photographs: Don’t forget to keep passport size photographs in your wallets. Don’t keep a packet but keep at least 4-5 photographs. Some emergency situations demands passport size photos so keep that in your wallet.

3. Slip of your phone number: Always keep a slip that consists of your personal number. So in case, you forget your wallet somewhere or you are unable to find it people can help you by just giving a call on your number. Well, it’s not possible all the time.

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4. Small plane sheets: Try to keep number of plane sheets in your wallet. Sometimes you require it to write important things from phone numbers to address of someone. So, it’s better to keep that in your wallet that you carry with yourself every time.

5. Extra Cash: Last but not the least, keep some extra cash too. Cash is something that you require in almost every situation that demands your attention. So, try to keep some extra cash in your wallet.

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