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Waking up Early can align your Body, Mind and Soul: Take a 21 days challenge

The Magic of Waking up Early, it can align your Body, Mind and Soul


Getting up before the sun has its own perks. Keeping in mind today’s lifestyle, a lot of people find it difficult to wake up early. We work for longer hours and we multitask a lot of time. In that case, balancing our lifestyle is a big task. Thanks to the pandemic, we at least learnt that maintaining a healthy lifestyle should always be our priority. Even if you have a secured job, financial stability but if you don’t have good health, everything else is a waste. Waking up early is a boon. It can align your body, mind and soul


sun rise

(The magic of waking up early)

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a choice. There are a few things that are magical. One such thing is waking up early. Getting up before the sun can keep you active the entire day and makes you more productive.


It keeps your Body, Mind and soul-aligned, here is how?


1. Quiet Mornings: When you get up around 5 am or 6 am and no one else is awake, you get ample amount of time for yourself. It’s you, your cup of tea and your thoughts. It is a magical time when you can allow your thoughts to just flow. Quiet Morning can soothe your soul and prepare you for rest of the day.



(Tea, you and your thoughts)


2. You can grow spiritually: Again early in the morning, you get time for yourself. If you are a person of faith, this is a great time to pray, meditate and practice things that truly believe in.  You can do yoga and listen to some good music or even pen down your thoughts in a diary. All these activities can soothe your mind.

sun rise

(Morning prayers)

3. Exercise, Exercise: It is one of the most important things that everyone should do. When we say exercise, you don’t have to hit the gym . You can simply go out for a walk, go to your terrace and let the fresh air touch your cheeks. You will feel magical.


4. You get time to structure your day: Half of our problems can vanish if we structure our day better. A lot of us struggle with it. People who wake up early in the morning structure their day in a better way which leads to happiness and satisfaction.


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5. 10 Pm Rule:  Ok! Not everyone can sleep at 10 PM due to work commitments. But if you don’t have any such restrictions, then 10 PM is the best time to sleep. You complete 7- 8 hours of sleep by 5 AM – 6 AM. You get time for exercise too. Research shows a lot of successful and productive people follow this rule.

Note: You can take a 21 days challenge.  Health experts say – It takes 21 days to develop any habit so you can take 21 days challenge and can thank us later!



It is important to inculcate this habit right from the beginning. Being a morning person is such a boon. Just imagine when others are sleeping, half of your day is also already structured. Apart from it, you get a Me time to analyze situation and people and other events going on in your life. When you get time for yourself, you glow naturally. 2021 is around the corner, waking up early could be your resolution for the upcoming year. We have already given answers to your why?


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