VW suspected of using cheater software since 2009: USEPA

The pollution watchdog of USA, the Environment Protection Agency, or EPA as it is known is now claiming that Volkswagen, the German auto maker, which is in trouble for using cheater software on it’s diesel vehicles, may have done so on more vehicles than previously suspeted, or claimed.

VW suspected of using cheater software since 2009: USEPA


It may be remembered that the EPA had cited VW of using this software on more than 10 thousand vehicles between 2014 and 2016 models of their Volkswagen and Audi diesel cars to hoodwink testing machines into believing that the cars complied with the emission norms.

However, it is now being found that the scam started much earlier, maybe in 2009, for which the company is now being investigated afresh. Appropriate action is promised, if suspicion is found to be true.

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