Voluntarily or involuntarily flirting is everyone’s cup of tea!

Do you know the science behind flirting? Voluntarily or involuntarily flirting is everyone’s cup of tea

Flirting has become a very common act now -a -days. Every second person, including girls, are indulge in flirting. Well, flirting is not a new phenomenon guys. It has been around since before we even realised what it was. So, what is flirting exactly, and why do we do it? Here is the science and perfect logic behind it. And voluntarily or involuntarily flirting is everyone’s cup of tea. Almost everybody flirts as it has become a very natural phenomenon now. Some people are better at flirt than others, it is something that we naturally and sometimes even unconsciously do. Never compare flirting with one-night-stand or anything that it is inappropriate. Flirting is a simple and natural phenomenon to know others. Even through this process many of us try to find a good mate too. So when you flirt, you are subconsciously gauging someone’s ability to be a successful life partner.

Flirting is an art

Here, are some important points that will give you the better insight of flirting:

1. Flirting is a natural phenomenon: You admit it or not but everyone flirts. We all flirt even without realising it. You do not want to flirt with someone because you are in a committed relationship already, you do. It is not something that we need to be ashamed of, if we do it when we are with someone already, because it’s natural. It is just as natural as needing water and eating. Our bodies are preprogramed to flirt and seek out potential mates. It’s human nature to survive, and flirting leads to reproduction, which keeps the human species alive and well.

2. We all have evolved to flirt in different ways: You do not just send a wink in the direction of a cute person in order to flirt. Well, this used to be a case but not now anymore. Throughout the years, we have evolved to use many different techniques when flirting, some of which we do not even realize we are doing.
Majority of the people are unaware of the changed body movements during flirting. When a man approaches a woman and drops a horrible pick-up line, he is probably got his chest puffed out. When a woman walks past a man in the hopes that he will approach her, she is probably swaying her hips more than she normally does when she walks. You all are unaware of all these things because they all are subconscious things that we do when our intention is to flirt with someone.

3. Flirting is subconscious sometimes: As we mentioned above, sometimes we are unaware of the fact of flirting. You do not actually realize that you are flirting sometimes. The way your body language speaks to someone whom you find attractive is mostly out of your control. The fact that you smile more around someone you are interested in, send glances in their direction, and even stand with your feet pointed in their direction are all subconscious acts that you perform when you are flirting.

4. It can be conscious too: Flirting is not always a subconscious act. It can be under control too. When you intentionally want to pick someone up, you probably do things that you know might get their attention. If you are a woman, you might try to present yourself nicely. If you are a man, you’ll probably make an effort to flex your muscles in order to look more appealing. So, both the opposite sex try to look best.

Flirting can be done irrespective of the age

5. Animals are not strangers to flirting: Not only are we humans indulge in flirting. If you want to understand subconscious flirting, look at the way animals attract their mates. We do similar things that animals do when they are in search of a partner to procreate with. For example, male peacocks show off the size and variety of color of their feathers in hopes of attracting a female to mate with. Well, Peacocks are not aware that what they are doing is flirting.

6. We all flirt in same way: Yes, that’s right we all flirt in same ways. According to gender, that is. There was once a study conducted by Timothy Perper, a psychologist, and David Givens, an anthropologist, which examined women’s body language while flirting with men at a bar. The study concluded that the majority of women used the same body language when engaging with someone they seemed to like. They all played with their hair, smiled, giggled, gazed up at the men, swayed their hips when walking, and even licked their lips—all subconscious signals to the men that they are fertile and youthful.
On the other hand, when study was conducted on men, they found many of the same behaviors amongst that gender. The men arched their backs to reveal their chest, sat with their legs spread open, and performed actions that expressed their dominance.

7. Flirting can be physical as well as vocal: Flirting is not always vocal, it can verify physical too. Because, let’s be honest, some people should really just keep their mouths shut when they want to pick someone up. Someone could be talking gibberish, but if your subconscious mind picks up on their flirtatious body language and you respond to it, then it doesn’t matter what they say.

8. You can learn to attract a person you like: It is possible for you to act in a certain way that can purposely attract someone you like if they are not showing interest in you. As we mentioned above your crush might fall for you.

This is important to understand that flirt is fun, innocent, and can even be the first step to start a wonderful long-term relationship.

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