Voice of young India: Career over Romance!

Indians are making progress in each and every field. They always try to make wise decisions whether it is small decision like spending money on a particular film, to their career or to even choosing their better half. Before selecting anything they make themselves doubly sure.

Youngsters are choosing their career over romance. When it comes to relationship they like to choose better life rather than a good partner.

 Voice of young India: Career over Romance!


Marriage is not the ultimate goal in their lives. Yes, romance is a part of their happening life but after their well- settled career.

So, what’s the reason behind this?

Many of us get married in our late twenties or in our thirties there can be various reasons behind it. Such as some of us want to experience life first, some wants to grow in their career and some just want to assure themselves about their choice.

Women especially are not ready to make compromises when it comes to relationship, as they like to stay independent and even feel safer in their own skin.

Choosing your career not only makes you feel financially secure but also helps you to mange time for yourself.

Both the genders enjoy relaxing at home, and not wanting to be dragged every time into each other’s family drama.

Voice of young India: Career over Romance!


The scenario is changing, mindsets are evolving and even Indian parents are becoming more receptive to accepting these changes.

So, be a part of change and live your dreams, and of course have and enjoy a good relationship too!

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