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Vladimir Putin wins Russian Elections: Reports

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Results of Russian Elections

Finally the results of Russian election are out and United Russia, backed by President Vladimir Putin has won the majority. According to reports, 93 percent votes were counted out of which the party has secured 54.2 percent of ballots. There are 450 seats and the party has claimed 343 seats.

The turnout percentage was recorded low this year, it was 47.8 percent. On this Putin has said that his party has achieved a very good result and he is happy that people trusted him.

The Communist Party and nationalist LDPR both secured over 13 percent. Notably, Mr. Putin has enjoyed 17 years in Power either as Prime Minister or as President.

Things to be noted

In several areas voting irregularities were reported and as per the election commission head results might get cancelled in three polling stations. Liberal parties failed to win any seats in the elections.


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Seats of other parties

Here is the number of seats other parties claimed in the elections. The communists came second with 42 seats, LDPR came third with 41 seats, and the left -of –center Just Russia Party was on number 4 with 21 seats.

Turnout Percentage and People’s trust

The turnout was nearly 48 percent; it was 60 percent in last parliamentary elections. This shows that people voted more this time and have shown their great trust on the ruling elite. People voted more despite of the fact that the country is suffering from a lot of hardships.

Consistent Glory

Mr. Putin has enjoyed 17 years in power either as President or as Prime Minister and United Russia benefits from his association with 63 – year-old Putin. He was the choice of 80 percent people in opinion polls as most of the voters do not want the chaos that happened in year 1990, if his rule ends. In year 1990 economic instability took place immediately after the collapse of Soviet Union.

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