Vitamin D link of COVID-19, Study from 20 countries show interesting outcomes

The study has found a connection between levels of vitamin D and coronavirus

A new study has found a connection between high numbers of coronavirus cases & mortality rates and low-average levels of vitamin D in 20 European countries. The study was published in the journal Aging Clinical and Experimental Research. The research was led by the scientists from Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn NHS Foundation Trust and Anglia Ruskin University (ARU).

Vitamin D is known for modulating the response of WBC (White Blood Cells). It prevents the WBC from releasing too many inflammatory cytokines, a part of the immune response in our body to fight infections. And the SARS-CoV2 is known for causing an excess of pro-inflammatory cytokines, called a cytokine storm.

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White skin pigmentation is also responsible?

The new research conducted in 20 European countries shows that Spain and Italy, both have experienced high coronavirus fatality rates, have lower average Vitamin D levels than other northern European countries. Researchers suggested that people in southern Europe, particularly the elderly, avoid going into strong sunlight. White skin pigmentation is also believed to naturally reduce Vitamin D synthesis.

The highest number of average levels of Vitamin D is found in the northern part of Europe where people don’t shy away from the sun, they consume cod liver oil and Vitamin D supplements. Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland and Denmark) are amongst those countries where fatality rate of COVID-19 per head population is low, said Angila Ruskin University in the new study.

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What researchers said?

Dr Lee of Angila Ruskin University said in a statement that they have found a crude relationship between the number of COVID-19 cases & fatality rate and the average vitamin D levels.

Dr Lee added that Vitamin D is believed to protest against the acute respiratory infections. Older people are most deficient in vitamin D and they are most vulnerable and have a high fatality rate. A previous study had suggested that 75 per cent of the infected patients in the hospitals and care homes were severely deficient in vitamin D. He also suggested that there is a need to perform dedicated studies looking at vitamin D levels in coronavirus infected people with different degrees of disease severity.

After looking at a study, it seems that it won’t be a bad idea to go to our rooftop or balcony during the day to absorb more and more Vitamin D. Afterall, Sunlight is helpful against the COVID-19 global pandemic.

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