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Viral: Fitness Freak Bride doing Push-ups in Lehenga: How far you will go for your fitness?

Watch Viral Video: Fitness freak bride doing Push-ups Lehenga left us awestruck!

What do you expect from a bride on her Big Day? Smiling and getting clicked with every Rishtedaar, right? But there are a few brides who pledge to do something new and different. In fact, these brides are pure goals. Recently, we came across a fitness freak bride who was seen doing push-ups on her big day. She went on to upload the video on her social media accounts and left all of us awestruck.

Fitness Freak bride doing push-ups in Lehenga is a major fitness goal. The video has received a lot of love. Her spirit is all hearts!  When it comes to bridal attire, it is hard to move in a heavy lehenga. Doing Push-ups is beyond our imagination but this savage bride has taken the fitness game a notch higher.

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Who is Aana Arora?

Aana Arora, the bride in the video is a fitness freak and keeps sharing her videos on the internet. Notably, Aana is a dietician and fitness instructor. She has more than 100k followers on Instagram and her page is quite engaging. The 26 –year – old is quite fit and her reels are major goals for many people out there. The viral video was posted on July 25 and since then, it has garnered more than 800k+ views.

Well, this is not the only video that caught her attention on her Instagram account, there are many other videos that you must watch. They are motivating AF!

  1. More Stretching and less stressing – She captioned this Video & we all know the enormous benefits of stretching. From improving the posture and decreasing the back pain, we all should practice stretching on a regular basis.

  2. Can you spot her biceps?  Do you still want reasons to follow a fitness regime? Find your fitness regime and be the best version of yourself.

  3. Run not from Problems but from diseases – Running helps you to maintain a healthy weight, improve cardiovascular fitness and build strong bones.

  4. The real meaning of flying –When you become the best version of yourself ( that you can certainly, achieve from fitness) you actually understand the meaning of flying.

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