‘Land Kara de’ fame says ‘Popularity is not everything’


More than 50 students from various film making and journalism colleges attended the webinar

Vipin Sahu, popularly known as the ‘paragliding man’ came as a guest for a webinar organised by Team Hatsoff productions. Students were pretty excited about this opportunity to interact with the Roadies fame and their enthusiasm was evident from the number of participation. More than 50 students participated in it from various film making and journalism colleges.

Hard Word gets the job done: Vipin Sahu

Vipin Sahu talked about the importance of hard work and dedication in achieving success. Answering one question where he was asked if his popularity from the meme helped him in getting a place in Roadies, he said, “I had to go through the same process as everyone else does. They recognised me only when I met them face to face for the interview.” He explained to the students that popularity is not everything, it’s the hard work that gets the job done. The whole talk was really motivating for the students.

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Famous for Paragliding meme, Vipin Sahu is also a philanthropist 

Vipin Sahu is an example that even a normal person can achieve great heights if he/she is dedicated enough. Along with all his achievements, he is also working for the betterment of society by helping the poor and distributing food and blankets to them, sending the message of being humble and helping the needy. Overall this webinar proved to be highly inspirational for the students.

Team Hatsoff productions have been continuously organising such webinars to help the students interact with the known faces of the entertainment industry. This helps the students in getting an inside perspective on things and how they can pursue a career in this field.

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