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What to do when you witness violence towards animals?

Steps to follow when you witness violence towards animals. Here is how you can extend help


  • What is Animal Violence?
  • How as a citizen can you extend help?
  • Checkout the page BosswithPaws

Violence towards animals is a common sight in India. Every then and now, we come across horrific incidents where an innocent animal has to face violence. Over the years, we have seen how our society has got divided into animal lovers and animal haters. There is a set of people who go the extra mile to help animals but not all humans are the same.  Beating dogs to death to even raping them, we regularly come across such disturbing stories.  There are many NGOs that are actively working to make this world a better place for animals. But how can an individual extend help? What should one do when he or she witnesses violence towards animals? Is it enough to make videos?  A Delhi based NGO recently touched on the issue and shared 7 simple steps to help the animal in need.

A lot of us choose to ignore when we witness violence towards an animal. Our first reaction remains Hume Kya? But do you know your awareness can save a life. It’s true that many animal lovers too have to face violence but by following the right steps, you can actually make someone’s life better.

Recently, a Delhi based NGO BosswithPaws shared a post about what to do when you witness violence towards animals.  They share 7 steps in which you can help the animal in danger.

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  1. The most important – Make videos and take pictures.  If it is possible to take pictures of the person who is hurting, do that ASAP. Try making notes of the details, you might need them later. If the animal is in immediate need, do not hesitate to intervene. Make sure there is no loss of life.
  2. GeoTag the location. It is another important step. In case, the police want to visit the spot.
  3. Rush the animal to the Vet. Remember a government vet is always preferred. However, any registered vet will do. Once checkup is done, get all the details from the vet on a letter and this will help you to file an FIR.
  4. You can visit the nearest Police station or you can even Dial 100 and they will be there to assist you.
  5. Write your complaint and mention all the details in the complaint. Make sure to include location, how the animal was abused, things that were used. It’s better to provide minute details. Take the photograph of this copy because the Police won’t give it. So you can click a picture.

6. Your final step should be – File an FIR. You can file it under two sections – Section 11- The Prevention ofCruelty to Animals Act, 1960.Section 428 in the Indian Penal Code. Make sure to get a copy of your FIR.

7. Last but not least, keep taking the follow up. That’s very important.

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We all know things will not change overnight but your one right step can make a huge difference. When it comes to animal abuse, India’s data is quite shocking.  In the past 10 years, India has seen nearly 5 lakh cases of animal abuse. In fact, many cases go unreported and these numbers can be really high. Animal cruelty in India should be addressed urgently. Many NGOs are relentlessly working to fight for the rights of the animals and social media has actually brought like -minded people together. But honestly – is that enough? We all need to come together and take the right step at the right time.

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