Vineet Singh Hukmani releases his hip-hop song of prayer, ‘I Pray’

Channeling his unbridled optimism, Vineet Singh Hukmani releases ‘I Pray’

After making waves on the coveted international radio airplay charts among some of the biggest global music stars with his last few releases, Vineet Singh Hukmani released his next single titled ‘i Pray’ on June 1st, 2021. Vineet’s entry into the Hip-Hop genre will be marked by the tune, which taps into the power of prayer.

Vineet Singh Hukmani describes the track as one’s own form of personal prayer embedded in an easy flowing hip-hop groove, which would remind the listener(s), “There’s a shiny life force inside ya…”

Vineet Singh Hukmani

“Prayer is the only way to connect to the life force inside each one of us with the larger source of life that created us all. It’s the engine that jump starts optimism, a prayer is hardly religious; it is the most honest conversation one can have with oneself. And optimism just like a prayer is ‘O2 for the soul’,” – Vineet.
The Lyrics

“Some of us so young we can’t understand, some of us so old it’s like the back of our hand.. the money n the fame don’t really mean a damn ..if you cant feel God’s greater plan..

Higher, there’s a shiny life force inside ya.. just a silent quiet… whisper.. so that we make it from.. here..

Forgot to say thank you when we hugged n played, forgot to say thank you for the wind in our hair.. ain’t too late , to say it all. Gratitude’s a prayer that won’t let us fall.  ..all we really have… is this day today … feel the moment and pray pray pray pray…”

Vineet Singh Hukmani
The mid-tempo motivational single, ‘I Pray’ is more inclined towards the practice rather than preach approach. This trap hip-hop melody with a wide stereo sound design is cased in the trap style. Soon after achieving a remarkable achievement, the NCR-based musician announced the release of his new tune. He became one of the rare artists to have two songs (So New & Jab The World) in the top 20 of the DRT Top 50 Rock Airplay charts (with Evanescence, Kings Of Leon, Foo Fighters, Imagine Dragons, and AC/DC).

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According to the DRT (Digital Radio Tracker) Rock Top 50 rankings, Vineet Singh Hukmani’s March 2021 single Jab The World is still one of the top 10 most played mainstream songs (peaked at no.8) on Rock radio stations in the United States. Vineet was included with luminaries such as ACDC, Green Day, Foo Fighters, The Offspring, Papa Roach, and many more bands in Jab The World, a remarkable achievement for an Indian musician.

While Jab The Globe was a profound but lighthearted look at the world getting ready to be vaccinated, the singer-songwriter called his May single – So News as an upbeat gear shift that we all need.

While Jab The World was a thoughtful yet fun take on the world getting ready to get vaccinated, the singer-songwriter described his May release – ‘So New’ as an optimistic gear shift we need. So New included a lyric video depicting everyone’s inner kid eager to go to the ‘So New’ feeling and not dwell on the ‘SoScrewed’ condition, with thumping synth bass peppered with dazzling synth tones and feel-good lyrics.

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