Finding the perfect gift for Valentine’s day? Check out ViewSonic’s top 3 tech gift options

Here are ViewSonic’s top 3 tech gift options for Valentine’s


Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to cherish or bring a spark to your friendship. As the season of romance approaches, the couples expend a lot of time seeking to locate a great present for their loved ones, which can be both thrilling and time-consuming. Now the big question is, what’s the greatest sign of love for your partner? Is it an expensive present or, more likely, a sentimental gesture? Well, we got you lucky as ViewSonic has some great tech-gifting options for you and your loved ones.

ViewSonic M1 Mini Projector


One of the gift ideas is the ViewSonic M1 Mini Projector. It is an extremely compact palmtop projector that can be mounted at various angles and locations, including a ceiling projection. With good image quality for images and videos, supporting wifi, bluetooth, and with a built-in JBL speaker, you really need not have any second thought before buying it. You will celebrate this Valentine’s Day by watching your favorite shows and investing in content.

Price: INR 98,000


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ViewSonic M2 Projector


This lamp-free mobile studio projector is another gift choice for your loved one. It’s a sleek, trendy and lightweight projector that includes an incorporated streaming mechanism, providing you and your companion with a full ‘Netflix and Chill setting.’ It may also be taken to a meeting or conference in a briefcase or a purse.

Price: INR 35,240

ViewSonic XG2405 Gaming Monitor


If your buddy is a gamer or an avid player, this game monitor will come to your rescue. The XG2405 Gaming Display from ViewSonic is an outstanding combination of speed, control and visual. A multi-purpose desktop station that offers a seamless and crisp gaming experience. Offer your companion hours of gaming experience that will take hours of comfort.
Price: 35,000

And just in case, you are wondering how good is video sonic, the company was founded in California, and is a leading global provider of visual solutions with a presence in over 100 cities around the world. With over 30 years of visual display experience, ViewSonic has developed a strong position to bring creative and effective solutions to the education, industry, consumer and technology industries and to help consumers see the difference.


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