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The Victim-hood for Women: The Distorted Feminism

The Distorted Feminism: A deep analysis of this term 

The “SHE” is always associated with some or the other misogyny in society. It is a never denying fact that the “She” character is facing exploitation and has always received the status of the “second gender” after men. They are facing discrimination, hostility and are subjected as an object to men. This is one end of the string. The position of women is, no doubt, threatening and it needs an active feministic approach to bring a revolutionary change in their position that is the other end of this string. In the midway of this journey, between the two ends of the string, there lies a misconception around the idea of feminism. This distorted conception of feminism has presented images where women portrayed themselves as a victim. Women have started making themselves accustomed to “becharapan” and that is where we see this confusion in the interpretation of the idea of feminism.

To understand the misconception attached, it is very important to understand the gender differences and the basic idea of feminism.

The Idea of Feminism

At the core of Gender Studies, there lies the basic idea of feminism and the types of feminism. One aspect of feminist theories say that women and men are two equal genders of society. There is nothing like a man is superior to woman or women are subjugated to work under men. The other approach to feminist ideology is related to the connotation of their sexes. Men and Women are incomparable. There is nothing similar in men and women except the fact that they are human beings. Hence, comparing them is completely unfair to either gender. Both of these ideas are equally relevant and applicable in different places.

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No study of feminism ever says that it should abandon men or promote women, neither it intends to do that.  In the name of women empowerment, the idea of feminism never talks about the banishment of the identity of men.  The feminism that is being propagated in recent times has fed the women with ideals that deal with self-victimization. A section of women has misinterpreted feminism. The women issues and the sexual exploitation of women have put the “him” figure into a darker light of the reign. Let us take a closer look at these misconceptions.

Case Where the Feminism Appeared Distorted

2 Boys of Amity Noida were beaten brutally and suspended

A netizen, tagging Uttar Pradesh Police, tweeted: “Absolutely horrifying case coming from Amity Noida where 2 girls not only got Harsh & Madhav beaten up brutally by a gang of 25-30 guys over a parking argument but filed false molestation case on them. One boy is in ICU.”

Here, 2 Amity University boys were thrashed by fellow students over a car parking issue. It got trending with the tag #JusticeforMadhav and #JusticeforHarsh. These boys were falsely alleged of disrupting two women from parking the car, harassing and molesting them.

Women Lashed out and slapped a man in the metro who presented discomfort in standing beside her

A few days ago, Our team witnessed an incident in the metro where a lady started slapping a well-educated man. She gave an exact display of self-victimization by first, disturbing that man in order to get a seat in the metro and later abused him of being rude.

Cricketer Yuvraj Singh was alleged in the case of Domestic Violence of his Brother’s wife

Cricketer, Yuvraj Singh was alleged in the case of Domestic The violence of his sister- in- law. Later, the allegations turned out to be false. Akansha, the false victim herself confessed that the whole allegation was framed.

These cases clearly show how the women figures are using the social stigmas around them as a tool to malice man’s identity. The self-victimization of women is what is creating misconceptions around feminism. The male figure is taken as a common referral to brutality and masculine. They have been generalized of being bad, dark and unsafe for all the women because of the false perception of feminism the “She” character has perceived.

The victimhood of Women – Common Misconception around feminism

–          Feminism is all about male bashing

–          Feminism is detrimental to men

–          Feminism asks for hating men

–          Feminism is detrimental to Power and Matriarchy

–          It is about exaggerating the misogyny around women

The Verdict: The Kind of Feminism we want

In the light of contemporary feminism that is being propagated, there is a mindless game of merely impersonating men and their actions, without giving a second thought. Is it really the kind of feminism we want? The basic idea of feminism is referring to humanism. It is subjugated to take into consideration that women are also humans. “Men are trash” was never the idea of Feminism. The false cases of Domestic Violence, dowry and sex turned rape are common referrals to the fact that after #metoo, we need an active campaign of #mentoo.

Feminism is just a radical thought of perceiving women, equal to men or perhaps, a human at least.

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