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Verbal Etiquette that every millennial should learn

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8 tricks to master the Art of Communication

In today’s world words are the most powerful tool. They have the power to make and break someone’s image.  Interestingly, one cannot take back his or her words back after speaking that’s we should always choose our words wisely.

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Words come handy when we want to express our feelings. Choosing right words at the right moment can do wonders.  Today, we will tell you 7 tricks to master the art of communication. Today, when communication has become the lifeline of every aspect of our life, mastering the art of communication is a must. Dining Etiquette, Resume etiquette, Meeting etiquette all are important but the most important one is Verbal Etiquette.

By improving your verbal communication skills you can quickly connect, build rapport, earn respect, gain influence and become more likeable and accepted.

Here, we go!

1. Be Friendly: People who talk in a warm tone and with a friendly smile almost always have the edge. The simple reason is that we all like to stay around the people who make us happy.

2.Don’t talk too much: Talking with confidence is one thing and talking too much is another thing. Talking too much can be a big turn off for so many people. So, you should not talk too much.

3.Speak with confidence:  Speaking with confidence is the most important thing. This makes people more interested in you. Speaking with confidence includes the word choice, the tone of your voice, your eye contact, and body language.

4.Focus on your body language: When you are engaged in the face –to – face verbal communication, your body language can play a vital role in it. Your body language communicates respect and interest.

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5.Learn the art of listening: If you will keep talking, the other person will become not –interested in you. So, it is important to learn the art of listening. You must show a sincere interest in what is being said, ask good questions, listen for the message within the message and avoid interrupting.

6.Be your Authentic Self: Keep your point clear. People are attracted to someone who speaks with humility and genuine respects for others are almost held in high regard.

7.Think before you speak: You should always think before you speak. Sometimes you may hurt others from your words so always think before you say anything.

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