Vastu Tips: How to invite wealth into your home?

Give your home a makeover to invite wealth

We all want to invite wealth into our homes, and want to live a luxurious life right? But dreaming of becoming rich overnight is useless, if we are not making efforts in the right direction. To lead a luxurious life, one requires hard work, patients and correct vision. Correct Vision here is not just about taking right decisions at right the time, but it is also associated with managing our surrounding in a proper way. Yes, do you know correct Vastu (Feng Shui) and some minor changes at your place can invite wealth and luck for you?

What all should be done to invite wealth
What all should be done to invite wealth

You all have definitely come across a phrase “Hardwork is key to success.” We Indians are spiritual people and we do believe in Vastu. There can be a lot things at your place which can drain your finances. So, if you aren’t aware of all these things, we are here to give you list of things that you immediately remove from your sweet home to invite  wealth

1. Pigeon Nest

Well, usually empty houses are houses for pigeons because it is a safest place for them. It is said that having a Pigeon nest in the house leads to instability in the house along with poverty. So, if you have one in the house then remove it immediately.

2. Bee hive

A bee hive is not only dangerous for you, but it also invites poverty and bad luck in the house. Take the help of professionals to remove it. Don’t allow it to grow as it might be harmful.

3. Spider web

Spider Web is considered unlucky in Indian societies. A spider Web in the house is a sign of unfortunate happenings in your life. Remove one immediately and keep your house clean.

4. Broken Mirrors

Don’t even give it a thought, replace the broken mirrors with the new one. Broken mirrors are not only considered poor vastu, but they can also attract negative energies in your house along with poverty. So, remove it from your house.

It brings Bad Luck
It brings Bad Luck

5. Bats

Bats are considered very unlucky. They are responsible for all the ill-health, unfortunate situations, poverty and deaths. If you are residing in an area where Bats too live, make sure to seal all windows and doors after sunset.

6 . Dent in walls

It hardly takes some time. If you some dents in your walls get it repaired immediately because there are not only an eye sore but also attracts poverty.

7. Leaky taps

Leaky taps are usually ignored by majority of people. Leaky taps are not only waste of water, but also are a sign of positive energies being dragged out by the house. Make sure you repair them immediately.

8. Terrace

Don’t forget that terrace too is a part of your house. Terrace becomes the dumping ground for old furniture and garbage. If you observe that terrace has become dumping yard then clean the junk immediately because it too invites poverty.

Dry flowers should not be kept in the house
Dry flowers should not be kept in the house

9. Stale flowers

Never use Stale flowers while worshipping to God every day. Clean your prayer room thoroughly before praying. Stale flowers can lead to poverty.

10. Dry leaves

If you have kept living plants inside your house than always remove dried out leaves. Not doing so will attract negativity in your house that can lead to financial crunch.

Ways to Invite Wealth

So till now, we have talked about things that can actually cause poverty, now here are things that you should keep in your house in order to attract wealth.

1.Money Plant

Yes, money plant is best plant to attract wealth. You can let it grow on a twig and partially cover the walls of your house.

Entrance must be beautiful
Entrance must be beautiful

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2. Entrance

Always try to keep your entrance as much as beautiful you can. A beautiful entrance brings happiness and prosperity in your house. So make sure your entrance is done beautifully. Hanging a name plate with the names of the husband and wife carved in wood, too attracts good vastu in house.

3. Keep an aquarium

Fishes are considered lucky. Keep a fish aquarium in the North-east corner of your living room. Also, make sure to feed the fish everyday with some flour balls along with regular fish food. It will give you internal peace.

Aquariums must kept clean
Aquariums must kept clean

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Here, are some Vastu tips for money you should follow:

As we mentioned above that fish aquariums brings positive energy in the house. Fish aquariums are very positive for wealth. Choose some active and healthy fish and try to make sure that they are strong swimmers.
Keep the water clean. The constant movement of fish will keep the flow of positive energy in your house. Make your entrance gate beautiful. Keep the windows clean and sparkling, as dirty glass restricts the money.

If you are unable to manage your money or if your expenses are going beyond control, keep live plants or grains in the toilet. It will prevent the money from going down the drain, because, symbolically, growing things reabsorb water energy and recycle it.

Try to keep a mirror to reflect your cash box or locker. It, symbolically, doubles your wealth and opportunities. So, place at least two mirrors in your room. If you are planning to renovate your house then choose to paint your walls with blue or light colors. Avoid using red or dark colours because it brings negative energy.

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