Vanishing Beauty Lost among the clouds

We are constantly bombarded with images of various historical architectural sights being destroyed especially in Syria or even in Afghanistan. It always leave us speechless when we watch the images being released, as we notice the void within ourselves for a couple of minutes, as we see human history being erased.

Vanishing Beauty Lost among the clouds

There are it seems other world monuments whether the French Quarters in the US or even the Facades in Paris. To the Historic town of Zabid in Yemen and many more around the world that are slowly being erased by our own hands also.

These cultural heritages similar in significance as to the famed Tower tombs of Syria Palmyra are critically at risk by environmental attacks. These monuments and building are surrounded by our growing population and the economic growth of our cities. Their cultural preservation is limited to the conflicts not just within their boundaries. It is the rains that are brought by the clouds that are witnessing the environmental effects.

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