Here is what led to the vandalizing of the Durga temple in New Delhi

Durga Temple Chandni Chowk
Chandni Chowk

Tussle started with a brawl between two people went to communal clash

A 100-year-old Durga temple was vandalized at Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi on Sunday Night. This happened after a communal clash between two communities in the area. The whole thing started after a tussle between two persons for parking of a bike. The brawl developed into full-fledged communal clash where several injuries have been reported till now. Police are trying to calm things down and have increased security in the area.

A group of men forced their way through to the 100-year-old Durga Temple and vandalized it

A group of men forced their way through to the 100-year-old Durga Temple and vandalized it completely. This started after two people had issues over the space for parking the bike outside a temple. After the argument heated up, it turned into a physical scuffle which brought groups for both the sides.  One group bashed up the other and then went into the temple and destroyed it at 10: 00 PM on Sunday.

Locals started to protest for strong action against the responsible

After seeing the vandalism in the temple, the locals started the protest for strong action which went till Monday Morning. The other group then started pelting stones at the protestors ending in injury for a few of them. The protestors then turned violent and a big scuffle happened which led to injury to people in both the groups.

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The police have taken legal action in the matter and making efforts to pacify things feelings and bring about Amity. The police also requested the citizens in restoring normalcy.

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