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SHOCKING! Not only Kohinoor, These VALUABLES were also stolen by the British

List of 8 Valuables stolen by the British, the list will shock you!


  • Great Star of Africa diamond
  • Tipu Sultan’s ring
  • The cup of Shah Jahan
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Valuables stolen by the British: With the death of Queen Elizabeth II,  Tweepals are demanding Kohinoor back.  Netizens demanded that Britain should return the Kohinoor diamond to India. Amidst all this, one thing stood out:

How the United Kingdom has a lot of precious items that were looted or stolen from India and other countries. Here is a list, take a look:

 9  valuables stolen by British from India as well as from other countries

1. Great Star of Africa diamond

With a weight of 530 carats, it is the largest diamond in the world. Estimated to be worth USD 400 million, it was mined in South Africa in 1905. They claim that it was looted by the British government during their reign as a colonist.

2. Tipu Sultan’s ring

It was allegedly taken by the British from his dead body in 1799 after he lost the battle. The Jewelled ring is inscribed with the name of Hindu Deity Ram. Reportedly, it was sold for nearly Rs 1.42 crore by Christie’s auction House in 2014 in the UK to an unidentified bidder.

3. The cup of Shah Jahan

In the 19th century, a beautiful wine jug was stolen by Colonel Charles Seton Guthrie and sent to Britain. The white nephrite jade white cup belongs to Shah Jahan, the emperor of the Mughal kingdom. Since 1962, the cup has been placed in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

4. Amaravati marbles

The Amaravati marbles are presently on display at the British Museum in London. It is a collection of 70 pieces depicting India’s famed Amaravati sculptures. The British discovered the sculptures almost 140 years ago. In 1859 they were shipped to the UK from Madras.

5. Elgin marbles

It is a collection of classical Greek marble sculptures; it is believed that lot Elgin allegedly removed the marbles from the Parthenon’s decaying walls in Greece and transported them to London in 1803. Since 1925, Greece has been asking for its priceless possession.

6. Rosetta stone

The Rosetta stone is kept at the British Museum for display. According to many archaeologists, the rotator stone was stolen by the British after they won the battle against France in the 1800s.

7. Benin Bronzes

Nigeria, then known as the Kingdom of Benin, owned the 13th-century Bronze Scriptures created by Edo artists. More than 200 scriptures were stolen by the British after the Benin invasion in 1987 and were put in museums for display.

8. Ethiopian Manuscripts

The British adopted scriptures that were the primary cause of the war after defeating Ethiopian Emperor Tewodros II in the Battle of Magdala in 1869. The Association for the Return of Magdala Ethiopian Treasures was formed to return the Manuscripts to Ethiopia. However, nothing good came out of it. The British Library displays 12 Ethiopian religious manuscripts, showing the font art, paintings, and religious traditions of the Tewahedo Church in Ethiopia.

It is not just these, several other  valuables were also  stolen by the British from other countries.

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