Valentine’s Week Begins: D-DAY Celebration For Long Distance Relationships

Valetine's Day 2019)
Valetine's Day 2019)

Valentine’s Day 2019: Celebration ideas for Long Distance Relationships

Every love story has its own ups and downs. As the week of love has already begun and love is in the air, all the lovebirds are busy preparing for the D-day. In today’s era, we all are so busy with our schedules that we hardly get time to spend it with our BAE. Valentine’s day gives us a reason to take out time and spend it with our partner.  But the problem arises with long distance relationships. Loneliness tends to kick in when there is everything related to love everywhere you go.

Valetine's Day 2019)

Here are some easy, achievable and quick ways for all the couples sharing the problem of distance:

1.Pre-Valentine Surprises

Planning pre-valentine surprises can make your partner feel special. Let us be honest, when you are surrounded by everything related to love, loneliness tend to kick in, since you are not physically in contact with them. For making things unique and putting your true feelings for the person you can write letters. In the age of technology, it is very easy for love birds to communicate and send love letters through phone, computers etc. But handwritten letters can add a special feeling to the message. It gives a personal touch and shows the efforts put in it. Instead of sending pictures of two of you through phone, you can send a print of it in a frame.

2. Commence the day with Loved one

The day goes well if we start well. Be the first one to talk to your ‘one and only’, it will really make them feel special not for just the present moment  but for the whole day. Try going face time with your loved one and have breakfast together. If the circumstances are not so well, then just talk to them through call or send messages and tell them your feelings.

3. Everyone’s favourite ‘Surprises’– Surprises are always welcomed if they are from the beloved and is meaningful and relatable. Send a surprise package for your bae which can remind them of just two of you. It can be anything, dress, accessories, just remember it must share the memories of the two of you. Try sending the package in the early hours of the day as they’ll not feel lonely and enjoy the gifts. This can show your strong feelings for them.

4. Flowers are Quintessential – Valentine’s week gives the right to all the couples to be more cheesy with the messages. Flower is the first thing that pops-up in our mind whenever we think of showcasing our love. Today, there are, lots of alternatives available. Flowers can obviously not be replaced but can be sent with the favourite things.

5. Plan a Movie Date– Movies are just another way to spend time with the beloved. Just plan for a same movie and watch together at the same time. While watching a movie, chats can be a part of it and can give the feeling of closeness.

6. End the day Together – If by any chance, your one and only was not the first person to talk in the morning then end the day with talking to them. Long distance relationships are after all based on the strong communication. Just talk to each other about anything, whether it’s your life or the whole day story. It can be anything which engages both of you.

7. Surprise Visit– You can pay a visit to your loved one, if the situations are favourable. As valentine is celebrated for a week, it’s not necessary to be on any specific day, as what really matters is the love and memories you share. Leaving a hint for your arrival can be a fun part too, as it can make your partner wait for you.

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