Valentine’s Special: Jolly Uncle Has Just Redefined Love!

Jolly Uncle has just redefined love, here is all what he shared

The love season is going on, and people across the globe are honoring their love in their own unique style. 14 February marks the day of love, and people celebrate it with all zeal and joy. Every year we buy presents, and plan secret dates for our partners to make them feel special, but have you ever tried celebrating it in a different way? Though love can have different meanings for different people, but its essence remains same in everybody’s life. For young folks, Valentine’s Day is all about exchanging gifts, and spending quality time with each other. But this year we have brought to you the exclusive thoughts of Jolly Uncle on Valentine’s Day, who has just redefined love.

Watch video here:

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Here is all that he shared with us:

    1. He says we all celebrate the day every year, but very few of us know the history behind the Valentine’s Day. Do you know in Italy it is celebrated in the memory of a saint?
    2. According to him, Valentine’s is not all about celebrating the day with your partner. In fact, it could be celebrated with parents, friends and family too.
Jolly Uncle
Jolly Uncle
  1. According to Jolly Uncle, “True love means when two unperfect people refuse to give upon each other.” He says True love never expects anything in return.
  2. He feels love is a great feeling, and one day isn’t enough to celebrate its essence. So, it is important to cherish it every day.

These days feeling of hatred, jealousy and ego is rapidly increasing. In that case, it is important to spread love. So, he winded up with conversation on a love note by saying that one should cherish his/her love every day because one day is not enough to express your feelings.
For more exciting videos and content from Jatinder Pal Singh aka Jolly Uncle stay tuned to One World News. Till then Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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