Valentine’s Day Special: Types of couple you will encounter everywhere!

Types of couples who will restore your faith in Love

No matter the season or the month, Love is always in the air all around us. Valentine’s day is a day of expressing love. You can express your love not to your bae, but to your parents,  and friends too. From parks to the cafe shops you can always spot couples all around.  And when you are single, you seem to be surrounded by even more couples!! In this article, we, are going to discuss types of couple you will encounter everywhere. Some of them you know very well, some you should always stay away from and heck, some couples you actually are like!! So, without much ado, let this couple countdown begin!!

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Here, we go:
1. Social Media Couple: This couple is notorious for posting selfies on social media whether it is Facebook or Instagram. Be it having lunch at a restaurant, or just holding hands, everything feels incomplete to them if it is not updated on their social media accounts. They remain active on their social media platforms and let others know how much in love they are in.
2.The off and On Couple: When it comes to these couples, you are never really sure if they are together or not. Breakups and patch-ups become a part of every weekend. It seems like an activity they truly rejoice. Though they love each other, break up and patch up become their cup of tea!
3.The PDA Couple: When it comes to these couples, they are madly in love and quite clearly, not at all afraid to show it, much to the shock and awe of others around them. They remain engaged in Public Display Acts and do not care for anyone.
4. Age is no barrier: People say that love is blind and knows no physical bounds. These couples prove that truer words are yet to be spoken and they do it with panache!! There can be huge age barrier between the two but that doesn’t set boundaries in their love life. After all, age is just a number that cannot decide love.

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5.The Do-everything together couple: No matter the time of the day or the day of the week, you can always find this couple together. They virtually do EVERYTHING together. It is like they are virtually bound to each other. They literally act like a shadow of each other.

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6.Textual Couple: These couples are in a long distance relationship with only the text messages acting as a medium of love and communication between them. It has been said that, with time, their heartbeats mimic the sound of their partner’s cell phone tune. So, be sure to set a catchy ringtone.
7.Office Couple: These couples are born rebels and raise a middle finger to the age-old saying – Don’t get laid where you get paid. Go rebels!! Isn’t it cool? If they fall for each other in the same workplace they will not hide anything.
8.The high school sweethearts couple: These couples have been together since time immemorial. They have been together for so long that you have no prior memory of them ever being without one another. They are much in love couple.
9.Party Animal Couple: These couples have a very magnetic binding force between them – their combined enthusiasm for partying. They are well known in their circles for their wild party night outs.
10. Perfect Couple: This is an elusive couple that is often considered as a prime example to follow. They have set the ideal relationship goals and never argue with one another. They have the perfect relationship. The sad part is we are yet to find them. If you do know such a couple, positively leave us a feedback. Humankind will be highly grateful to you. This couple is just perfect!
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