Valentine’s Day Special: Get a Couple Tattoo to profess your love!

Get a couple tattoo to profess your love for each other, here are few ideas

Expressing your love by offering expensive gifts and flowers to your significant other is now a passé and getting yourself inked to convey your feelings is a new trend in the town. The day of love is around the corner and I am sure you must be preparing hard for the special day right? This Valentine’s just forget all those regular gifts that you buy for your partner every year and do something different. So, if you are also in the “FOREVER” kind of love? Then this year just make it permanent, and get a couple tattoo to profess your love for each other. Anyone can say, but actually, it takes a lot of guts on both ends to get your love inked to show that commitment.


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If you people have decided to get yourselves inked, but are still thinking about designs then we are here to help you out. Getting inked is a cool idea and it becomes even more exciting when both of you get it together. Body Canvas is offering a great variety of couple tattoos for all those who literally want to wear their hearts on their sleeves.



Here are few Couple Tattoo Ideas, take a look:

Date of your Wedding Anniversary: Both of you can get the date of wedding anniversary inked on each other’s wrists. And it can be in Roman numbers to add that little baroque quotient.

Matching Feathers on your wrists or on your legs: Have you come across the quote, “Birds of the same feather flock together?” Yes, getting matching feathers inked on your wrists is a hip idea.


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“Remind me that we will always have each other…. When everyone else is gone! “It is another interesting quote that you could get inked on your wrists, or on your legs.

Queen in Hearts and King of Hearts: You people can go for this quote also and can get it inked on your shoulders.

They are also offering simple matching tattoos, like an anchor and a wheel, an arrow and a heart, lock, and key, soul and mate, the two different words written on two different people.

So, if you’re looking to get your love inked to make sure, it stays forever, you can visit Body Canvas (founded by Mickey Malani and Vikas Malani ) to get a unique tattoo to honour your love.

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