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Valentine’s Day Special : How Millennials feel about celebrating the day of love?

Valentine’s Day Special : Idea of Millennials celebrating Love!

Digging into the data, we know this for a fact that the younger generation is the most likely to celebrate Valentine’s Day. But, what about others.

Valentine’s Day is just a week away, and with the coronavirus pandemic that is not completely gone and spreading across the country, it is safe that we do our part and stay at home.

A recent survey shows that not just Millennials who are more likely to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but also the majority of it feels that it is important to have a someone or significant other in their lives.

No matter if you’re a couple who met during the pandemic, or you’ve been together for years or even if you’re spending the holiday alone, here’s how you can make Valentine’s Day special while staying safe.

Well, the majority of women and men like to celebrate Valentine’s Day with someone they are in love with or dating. However, there are many who love to celebrate this day with friends, strangers, who are not romantically involved.

Celebrating this day with not just lovers but friends, family and everything that comes in between will score points. We all know many millennial relationships are notoriously complicated and tend to resist definition and lines between friends and well more-than-friends often blur in both directions.

Let’s see how Millennials like to celebrate Valentine’s Day and why self-love is important specially o this day.

So, here are some ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day from millennials.

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Valentine’s Day Special

If you’re celebrating with your partner:

Romantic dinner: If you’re a foodie and love to go outside to eat something then think about it, how much awesome it would be if you and your partner spend some quality time together in the kitchen on a special occasion. Cooking your favourite food together keeps the romance alive.

Also, if you’re in a long-distance relationship, you can cook having face time with your partner, or order something special for each other and surprise your partner with their meal.

Art & Craft or DIY: Is there a craft you’ve been dying to try? You don’t do this stuff every time but on a special occasion like V-Day, it means so much when you yourself create something for your partner. Stuff like Valentine’s Day card, greeting or love card using red velvet and golden stuff really look amazing. If you’re don’t know how to make it, there are plenty of Youtube channels for that.

Binge-watching: There must be something that you and your partner get excited about watching together. Like Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Suits, or anything that you always wanted to watch together. Also, if you’re tired of watching everything on your laptop or TV, you can invest in a projector to turn your living room into your own home theatre.

Outdoor date: If you really want to go outside and celebrate then make it interesting rather than going to a nearby restaurant or cafe. Also, find an outdoor activity that you both love to do like travelling to another city, trying wildlife Safari or trekking, sky diving and underwater diving.

Re-create your first date: You can try to create the very first date you had with your partner. This gives you the chance to show your partner you remember everything from your first date, the first time when the two of you went out. Now, kudos to you if you can create the exact replica of your first date with all the little details without going to the same date night spot.

If you aren’t celebrating with your partner (Long Distance Relationship)

A love letter to each other: First create a romantic atmosphere with some light and candles, turn on some music, and grab a pen and paper to write a love letter to your partner. You can also read the letter to your partner aloud if you’re really missing him/her.

Unplug & treat yourself: It can be depressing watching your friends with their significant others while you’re all alone. Avoid spending time on social media and don’t forget to give a special treat to yourself. You can anything that makes you happy like drinking wine or spending time with your friends by the ocean, cooking, wine and dine for yourself, taking a bubble bath, writing a journal, shopping, travelling and more.

Family time: It always makes you feel good when you spend some time with your family even on Valentine’s Day and the easiest way to spend quality time with your loved ones is to involve them in your day. You can go out to a nice restaurant, and create a special dinner for them or with them.

Also, most importantly, always remember that it’s just another day.

Whether if you’re alone or planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner in a way that you hadn’t imagined, just remember always that this is just another day to show and express to the people around you that you love them and also to show yourself some love. The fact is that the less pressure you put on it, the less stressful it will be because whatever you do, it is counted as a gesture.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter if you are single or not, if we love someone, we love them all the way, don’t we? Do we need a special day to define our life to the people we care about, well, I don’t think so?

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