A healthy and happy Valentine’s Day recipes to impress your loved one

Make the love count, not calories! : Valentine’s Day Recipes that you can try! Valentine’s Day Recipes : Make Love & Eat Healthy

There is love in the air and you cannot help but indulge a little in this love fest. But, what if we find a way to make this more indulgent by adding oomph through yummy and healthy food?

We all have the same idea of going to a fancy restaurant for a nice dinner on this day, but have you ever thought of stepping up your game a little?

Food, they say, is the easiest way to one’s heart. So, let us put this to test by making some of these finger-licking food that is not just tasty but also healthy for our loved ones.

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1. Muglai Paratha

Paratha is a perfect start to the day. You can make this in the morning for breakfast and have it with some chilled curd (dahi). It is a filling meal that will leave your tummy happy and satisfied.

Get the recipe here-

2. Deemer Devil

Now, this is an absolute favourite of anyone who likes to eat eggs. It is a perfect blend of spices mixed with some chicken and mashed potato. It is a great idea for a starter. Pair this with some ketchup or chutney.

3. Kathi Roll

Kathi Roll is a street special dish that is not just filling, but also filled with veggies to cover your daily intake of greens. It can be easily made using the recipe given below and packed as an office lunch or snack. You can always omit the chicken to make a vegetarian roll.

4. Palak Gosht

This recipe is slightly more time consuming, but the result is excellent. It is best eaten with some naan or roti and makes for great comfort food. Winters also mean a good time to get fresh spinach and add some nutrients to your meal.

Get the recipe here-

5. Paneer Posto

It is a creamy and rich paneer dish made in mustard oil. Poppy seeds or posto has various health benefits and can help in improving digestion, fertility, bone strength and fighting insomnia among many others.

It tastes the best when eaten with some naan or roti for lunch or dinner.

Get the recipe here-

So, get cooking for your loved ones and give them a meal that they will relish and cherish forever.

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