Valentine’s Day 2022: What millennial men want?

Valentine’s Day 2022: Understanding the desires of millennial men

Valentine’s Week has already begun and couples are all geared up. Everybody wants to woo their partner in the best possible way. A week full of love, surprises, and romance all around.  Well, the meaning of dating has changed these days. People are now more practical and emotional independent when it comes to dating. Millennials are redefining dating rules but men somewhere still feel pressure when it comes to wooing their potential partner.

Firstly, it is very important for women to stop generalizing men. All men are not the same. Apart from it, women need to understand that millennial men want ‘Equality’ in terms of financial status, thought process, and of course in making the first move.

What millennial men want
What millennial men want

In this era, we all talk about what women want, but it is equally important to understand that what millennial men want from their potential partner

1. He wants her to be self- sufficient

Millennial men want his partner to be self –sufficient. They look for a woman who can take care of her expenses and can give them career advises too. They don’t like the dependent partner

2. It’s not all about Beautiful face

Gone are the days when men used to run behind the beauty. Today, it is much more than a beautiful face. They like to strike a real conversation and want someone who can understand their passion. He doesn’t want arm candy. They look for several other qualities too such as humor, motherliness, intellect and much more. Of course, it varies from person to person.

3.A big No to mixed signals

Just like the world, love has also become practical. Mixed signals can be really frustrating. We all know men are chasers but they hate mixed signals. If you don’t like to be approached directly, you can at least give positive signals to the guy you like.

4.They are open to new learning

Their ego doesn’t get hurt when you teach them something meaningful. Millennial men love learning new things, especially if it is taught by their partner. So, try to strike some knowledgeable conversation with them.

5. Emotional Stability tops the list

Not every man like wild and crazy girls. Millennial men who are planning to settle down look for an emotionally stable partner. They like to keep emotional trauma at bay. For a peaceful relationship, they actually look for a woman who is emotionally independent.

6. He doesn’t want you to Compromise but at least you can Adjust

Millennial men know the difference between Compromise and Adjustment. They don’t want you to compromise but it will be great if you will adjust a bit.  They want someone who can gel well with their friends and family. For that, you can surely make some adjustments. After all, nobody can replace the warmth of a family.

7.Understanding the Importance of Personal space and female friendship

They want a partner who can understand their work culture, the one who understands that being a couple doesn’t mean staying together for 24×7. Everybody needs personal space so does your partner. Above all, millennial men want that their partner should be mature enough to understand that he doesn’t have an affair with all his female friends.

8. They want a mixture of Love + Friendship

In a nutshell, they want an amalgamation of Love and friendship. There should be a rock – solid friendship along with sizzling hot chemistry.

Recently, we got in touch with a few young men and tried to understand their expectations:

“I can talk to her for hours and can share my deepest secrets with her. She doesn’t judge me and I think that’s enough for me to understand that she is my Ms. Right.” – Raman Sharma, 24, Engineer

“If she can pay her bills, take care of our family and raise our kids. Why can’t I do the same?  I love doing dishes with her. We believe in equality. So, when she doesn’t feel like cooking I do it. Its simple sharing is caring. Laughs.” – Kunal Arora, 29, Self Employed

“She knows that my world revolves around her. She respects my space and never questions me about random female friends to whom I talk. She knows that I am loyal and committed to her. That makes our relationship special.” – Sidharth Jain, 21, Student

“We are dating each other from past 4 years and I am still not ready for marriage. And she is okay with it. She wants me to take my time before saying’ Yes’. She knows marriage is not everything and she deals it with a lot of maturity. It makes me feel special. At least, she can understand my point of view.” – Viraj Khanna, 28, Blogger


Men are ready to make adjustments. Not all are filled with ego. It’s just they want the right partner. Millennial men are not in a rush to settle down. They want someone to share their life. They want a partner which means a partnership in all sphere of life.

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