Vaishali woman burnt, Why the so-called inter-faith matter activists are silent in this case?

Did the Bihar government underplay the situation due to elections?


A 20-year-old girl was burnt alive in the Vaishali district of Bihar after she resisted sexual harassment on 30th November. As per the reports, the girl was set ablaze when she went to dispose of the garbage outside her house. The victim was reportedly dragged by three people including the father of the accused. The group of men poured kerosene on her body and set her on fire.

The girl had sustained around 75 per cent burn injuries. At first, she was taken to a private hospital in Hajipur and then to the Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH), Patna. The young woman died after battling 15 days in hospital on November 15. The victim’s family have said that Vijay Rai, his sons Chandan Kumar Rai and Satish Rai were involved in the heinous act.

A video of victim naming her tormentor from the hospital bed went viral on social media. In the alleged video, the victim had said, “I was going to throw garbage when Satish Rai, son of Vijay Rai poured kerosene and set me on fire.”

According to the victim’s mother, Maimoona Khatoon “The accused had threatened of killing the victim on October 29, a day before she was set ablaze.”


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Police negligence for the millionth time

The role of the police has also come under scanner, much like the Hathras case. As per the reports, the police had got information about the incident and even reached the hospital. Even though the police met the victim and registered her statement, the local police did not lodge an FIR. It was only after the video of the victim giving statement went viral, the police registered the FIR. The SHO of the Chandpura police station was suspended for negligence of duty and delay in arresting the accused. A man was arrested on Tuesday, November 17, in the case after the death of the victim.

The videos of the grieving parents sitting on the Patna streets protesting are heartbreaking. Not many people have come to support the family so far. The so-called inter-faith matter activists who usually find an inter-faith angle in these types of incidents have not been seen speaking so far. People who were vocal at the time of the Kathua case and Unnao case are silent this time.


Hypocrisy exposed

Some social media users have also called out the hypocrisy of those who turn these types of crime into Love Jihad, if the accused is from a minority community. But in the case where a young minority-community girl is a victim and the accused are a dominant caste of the region, not many things are being said. Are people not aggressive because the state is being ruled by the BJP-led NDA alliance?


Questions also arise on the government and administration of the Bihar government of underplaying the incident. Why the FIR was not registered in the first place when the police were informed? Was the incident underplayed because the state was witnessing election at the time?

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