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Vaccination: 75% deaths were of unvaccinated people said Health Minister Satyendra Jain

Vaccination: the only way fight against the pandemic

Almost 75% of those who were killed due to the novel coronavirus infection in the third wave were recorded to be unvaccinated. According to official data,  among the 97 people who died in Delhi, between January 9th to January 12th were either not vaccinated at all or only with one dose. 70 people were unvaccinated with 8 minors , 19 of them were vaccinated with the first jab and eight of them were fully vaccinated.

Delhi:  On Friday, Delhi recorded 24,383 COVID-19 cases, there was a 15.5% decline in cases as compared to Thursday Which was 28,867 cases. Even though the positivity rate was 30.64% indicating that every third sample collected for covid-19 tested out positive as per the Date of Delhi Health Department. Delhi health minister Satyendra Jain said that the peak of the third wave has arrived in the national capital. “Let’s see when the decline begins. But it seems like cases have begun to slow down”, he added. It was reported that more than 13,000 hospital beds are lying vacant in the city, the hospitalisation rate has become stagnant and the daily admissions have reduced. Out of 15,433 COVID beds in hospitals 2424 were occupied on Thursday according to official data.


Only answer and solution to Coronavirus–Vaccination

According to the World Health Organisation getting vaccinated could save your life. Covid-19 vaccination Provide strong protection against hospitalisation death and severe illness. There is also some evidence that being vaccinated will make it less likely that you will pass the virus onto others, which means your decision to get a vaccine also protects the people around you. After getting vaccinated precautions are still very necessary,  covid appropriate behaviour is suggested amongst all people. Vaccines are a very important tool to fight against the pandemic. The impact of vaccination on the pandemic will depend on several factors which includes manufacturing and delivery of doses, effectiveness, quick approval, awareness to take vaccination and the changing variants.

After the Government of India started the drive to vaccinate children from the age of 15-18 On 3rd of January 2022, getting the job is the best way to prevent the infectious disease. Looking at the impact of the coronavirus on the healthcare system and the number of lives it has taken across the globe, vaccination seems the only way to cut down the risk of getting infected.  Now the Government of India has also started giving booster doses to citizens above 60 years of age, healthcare workers frontline against the virus that causes coronavirus workers and people with comorbidities. One may see some side effects after vaccination,  but these are normal.  It generally takes two weeks after you are fully vaccinated for the body to build it’s immunity against the virus that causes covid.

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“A vaccine’s efficiency is measured in a controlled clinical trial and is based on how many people who got vaccinated developed the disease compared with how many people who got the sample vaccine developed the same outcome. Once the study is complete the numbers of sick people in each group are compared, in order to calculate the relative risk of getting sick depending on whether or not the subjects received the vaccination.  This is how we know the efficiency, a measure of how much the vaccine lowered the risk of getting sick.  The vaccine effectiveness is a measure of how well vaccines work in the real world. The effects sometimes can differ from those tested in a lab.  But it is confirmed that vaccines do provide a higher protection against any disease.

Surge in India

India reported 2, 68,833 fresh covid cases, with 1,22,684 recoveries in the last 24 hours. The active cases stand at 14,17,820,  and 6041 confirmed cases of omicron with a daily positivity rate of 16.66 percent. Meanwhile the nation saw a dip in coronavirus testing from 18.86 Lac to 17.87. A surge in cases was seen in Jammu and Kashmir region, the state government has announced strict observance of covid-appropriate behaviour, with restrictions In free movement of public. 12 containment zones were declared in Jammu after cases rose to 588.

Madhya Pradesh government has banned visitors and family members from meeting prison inmates till the end of March this year as an attempt to prevent the spread of coronavirus. “The jail Inmates will continue to avail the facility of E-meeting through video calls and incoming phone calls.”

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Odisha has reported 10,856 fresh cases, while two fatalities took up the death toll to 8478 the health department stated. The daily positivity rate increased to 14.49% from 13.57% on Friday. State capital Bhubaneswar Recorded 3087 new cases.

Mumbai on the other hand has reported the highest single day  death toll since 11th August 2021, with 11,317 new infections.

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