US wants talks but Iran says talks not possible


Iran Ambassador cleared the air on talks and said escalating sanctions not helping in talks

Iran’s ambassador for UN said on Monday that talks with the USA is not possible as the situation is dangerous in the Persian Gulf. He also said that talks with America isn’t possible because of the escalating sanctions and intimidation while America wants to talk to Tehran.

There were talks about the recent bombing on oil tankers in the sea and the attack on Drone in the UN Security Council meeting called by the USA. Before this, the President of USA Donald Trump signed financial sanctions on Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and senior Iranian military figures.

The ambassador wants America to move its Naval Armada

Majid Takht Ravanchi, Ambassador of Iran said the new sanction is another manifestation of USA’s hostility for the people of Iran. He said the USA government should de-escalate the war like situation by stopping military adventurism near the borders of Iran and bring back the Naval Armada and make space for the welfare of the Iranian people.

US Ambassador slammed Iran for attacks on tankers and Drone

Jonathan Cohen, the acting ambassador for the USA slammed Iran for attacking the tankers on 11th and 12th June. He also blamed Iran for destroying $100 million Drone on June 20 from the International Airspace. Iran said that the Drone was in Iran’s territory. Cohen said, “Iran must understand that these attacks are not acceptable and it’s time for World to join us too”.

“US policy is to bring Iran on the negotiable table”, Cohen repeated.  Iran diminished the diplomacy meeting from USA invitation by declaring it “inflammatory”.

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 Recently, America launched Cyberattack on Iran

These comments come after the Cyberattack was launched on the Iranian Radar installation and Iranian Intelligence system which helped Iran to shoot down the drone last week.  Iran said that the cyber attack wasn’t successful.

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