Urban Naxals: Know its Meaning and Origin

Urban Naxals has become another name for Anti-National

Five activists and lawyers have been taken to custody and sentenced to house arrest for instigating violence among the people with regard to Bhima Koregaon incident.  Lawyer Sudha Bhardwaj, activist-lawyer Vernon Gonsalves, poet Varavara Rao, human rights activist Gautam Navlakha, and human rights activist-lawyer Arun Ferreira, all were held under the controversial UAPA (Unlawful Activity Prevention Act). They are tagged as urban Naxals. What is Urban Naxals? Let us understand the meaning and origin of the term.

Urban Naxals

Urban Naxals coined by Vivek Agnihotri has now become an informal state policy

The first insight for the term can get through Agnihotri’s 2007 Swarajya essay. In the essay, he says “Urban Naxals are the invisible enemies of the country. Some of them had been caught and some are under the police radar in charge of spreading insurgency in the state.”

He further added, “One common thread among all of them is, they all are urban intellectuals, influencers, activists and lawyers of significance. It seems that they have been indoctrinated the youth by pretending to be concerned about social issues. Though they never genuinely try to find out a solution to the problem. They just exploit the situation by organizing protests and mobilizing masses which can lead to further party building.”

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Hold on, Are you surprised by listening to the word like intellectual, activists, and influencer, just like me? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Urban Naxals has nowadays become another name for Anti-National.  That means who so ever will ask questions would become urban Naxals.

What does the term Urban Naxals stand for? 

In 2004, the Communist Party of India (Maoist) document titled ‘urban perspective’ first bring out the idea of gaining leadership from urban areas. This is a very old Maoists strategy to focus on urban centres for leadership, mobilising masses, built a united front and engage in military tasks such as providing infrastructure, personnel and material.


This Urban Naxalism and Maoism is haunting India. People are made to believe that the Maoists are flourishing under the guidance of teachers, writers, media persons, lawyers, actors and Filmmakers etc. The finance minister, Arun Jaitely, invented a category of ‘half-Maoists’. A campaign was also launched by the ministers and spokesperson of the ruling party along with the ‘nationalist’ media recognising all the critiques of the government as Maoist, urban Naxals.

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