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UPSC 2019: Lifestyle of an IAS officer, know roles & perks

Life of an IAS officer: Let us understand their roles & Career path

Becoming an IAS officer is the dream of millions. A lot of students every year try their luck in UPSC examinations. The Indian Administrative Service was formed in the year 1946.  The IAS handles affairs of government, which involves the framing and implementation of policy in Consultation with the concerned Minister. Becoming a Civil servant is one of the most prestigious jobs in India. The roles and responsibilities that come with the job are enormous. The salary structure and perks that come along with position is very impressive.

Let us take a look at the lifestyle of an IAS officer:
Duties of an IAS officer
  1. An IAS officer handles government affairs, which involve the framing and implementation of policies, in consultation with the concerned ministry.
  2. He or she needs to supervise the implementation of process and travel to important sites and places.
  3. One has to also look after the disbursement of funds.
  4. Notably, the officers answerable to Parliament or State Legislatures

What all are the functions of an IAS officer?

At the beginning of their career, IAS officers join state administration at Sub-divisional level, as sub-divisional magistrate level, and they are required to look after law, order, administration and developmental works of the assigned area.

Notably, at the level of a District Magistrate, IAS officers supervise policy formulation, implementation and other works for the concerned district.

Sneak Peek into the salary structure and perks that comes along with this position

After the implementation of 7 pay commission, the basic salary of an entry level IAS is prefixed at 56,100 per month.

It is important to note that this base pay doesn’t include various allowances that an IAS officer is entitled to.

Allowance like House rent, Dearness Allowance, Travel Allowances are provided separately.

Other Perks that an IAS officer gets

Apart from Salary, IAS officers are provided bungalows at minimal rents. They also get other facilities like cooks, gardeners, security guards, and other household helps.

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