List of upcoming quirky events in Delhi: Lock the dates!


Meet and Greet Gala: List of upcoming events in Delhi 

Events are just an escape from our rigorous routine, where we get to meet strangers who in return can become a lifetime friend, eat awesome food and how can we forget about the shopping! There are so many events happening in our city, Delhi, but very few of us are aware of them. It’s very natural for us to forget about them easily due to the hopping week. Here is a list of upcoming quirky events in Delhi.

Events can be a source of fun for some people as well as it can be a matter of career to few. It is one of the races or competitions for entrepreneurs, start-up companies etc. For example, if there is a new company who wants the world to know about their product, they can showcase it through the events which are relatively cheaper than buying one concrete shop for who might even face loss.
There are many categories of the event depending upon the interest of the group, like related to children, there can be rides, books for children etc. and so on.

Here is a list of events that are soon going to take place in Delhi

1. Stitch & Design your own Book –  In this digital era, we are leaving behind the books and pens which were the remarkable foundations. Let us join this workshop, where Akanksha will guide you to through bookmaking techniques. The unique thing about the event is that it will not teach you anything boring but will be an enjoyable session as it will teach you to make your journals, books etc. in an artistic way. For all the boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, having creative energy can join it!

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Date- 27th Jan 2019

Time – 1:00PM – 4:00PM

Venue – Studio Pepperfry, South Ex-2, New Delhi

Fee- Rs. 1,399

Nearest Metro Station- South Extension Metro Station

2. Hand knitting Workshop

To all the knitters out there who love knitting or the ones who make money out of their knitting or who wants to learn it, can be satisfied by joining the workshop. Let us the break stereotype by proving wrong that it’s the work of old people only. In fact, it’s a new stress booster for our young generation.

Date – 27th Jan 2019

Time – 1:00 PM – 4:00 pm

Venue – Studio Pepperfry, MG Road, Gurgaon

Fee –Rs 1,499(Material provided)

Nearest Metro Station – MG Road Metro Station

3. The Lil Flea – A day out with the beloved! Sounds good.
Here’s a perfect place with independent designers, home chefs, storytellers, artists and outliers as a cherry on the cake. It is an outstanding platform for all our creative and artistic friends to show their talents.

The list below will tell you about the exciting things that await you at the gala this February:

One Lil Tree

The book exchange

Original Indie music

Homegrown Shopping

Date – February 1, 2& 3

Time – 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Venue – Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (JLN)

 Fee – Rs 300

 Nearest Metro Station –JLN Metro Station

4. PUBG Mobile Super League Bad Blood 1.0 – The place for all the PUBG Enthusiast. An all India Mobile online tournament which gives you the opportunity to showcase your skills, compete and prove your talent. 

Layout for the Championship:

Round 1 – In this, 1000 players will be admitted with 100 rooms and top 40 players will be eligible for round 2.

Round 2 – Rooms will be created for 400 players in total. Top 25 players will be allowed for the entry in next round.

Round 3 – This round will have 100 players.

Round 4 – This round is the finale. Results will be based on survival.

Date – February 9 & 10

 Let us join the events and enjoy our day to the fullest with giving our support to all young as well as established entrepreneurs.

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