‘Unspoken’ rules of Workplace: Are you aware of them?

Unspoken rules of workplace that you should know!

Time flies and you grow up, the time you kick your adulthood lots of responsiblities bound you. Even your relatives, friends expect a lot frim you, unfortunately this is a major setback of growing up. When you join any workplace, there is certain etiquette and courtesies that you are expected to follow. So here are some unspoken rules of workplace that you should know .

There is no crash course that can teach you unspoken rules of workplace.

And we completely understand that everybody is not aware of these rules. But don’t worry guys every problem has a solution. If you are fresher then just go through this article and let yourself know about these unspoken rules.

1. Punctuality: Tick tock

Always be on time at your workplace. If you reach late at your office just because of stupid reasons it might harm your reputation and even affect your appraisals. And if you are late because of genuine reason notify your boss about it.

2. Romance in office

We all know the difference between being friendly and being flirty. Girls this point is especially for you all. Don’t cross the line and stop others from doing it otherwise you will become the hot topic for discussion at your workplace.

3. Meet deadlines

Your boss will definitely welcome you with new projects and will give you deadline to finish it. So complete it on time because your workplace is not your school or college and your boss is not your teacher nor your professor who will keep asking you to complete your work.

4. Treat your personal and professional lives like two different poles

Indeed your professional and personal lives are totally different from each other so avoid mixing it. It is expected of an employee to not carry the burden of their life problems and social commitments into their professional lives.

'Unspoken' rules of Workplace: Are you aware of them?
Rules of workplace

5. Keep yourself away from social networking sites

This is ofcourse a very bad idea. It is said to be professional only when you keep aside your cell phones and refrain from constantly browsing through Facebook or Instagram during your work hours. And Snapchat, that’s a complete no-no, as well. It reflects a lack of focus on your office work and your performance too will deteriorate.

6. Dress well

Go to formals while heading towards your workplace. Always choose a workaholic outfits.
This means that you can save your short skirts, flip-flops and floral headbands for social gatherings and parties. This rule holds true especially if you are working in a client-facing firm.

7. Greetings

This is must. Using formal greetings like ‘Good morning’ and ‘Hope you had a good weekend, sir’ is just a way of being polite and positive in the office. These are also basic manners we lea4n from schools.

8. Be formal in office too

Formal is not only a dress code it’s a way of behaving too. Be formal in your tone, language and pitch at all times. Avoid using casual slang words (like whassup) if you ever want to be taken seriously.

10 Respect is essential

Respect your boss and seniors at work. After all, they are more learned and more experienced, just like the elders at home. So, always try to give them respect no matter if they are younger in age.

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