Unsaid rules of Handshake: Here are few things you need to know!

Leave your long lasting impression through handshake!

In formal to informal meetings Handshakes are one of the most important things we people are required to do. It looks more professional. It has been said that people get an impression of you within the first few seconds. Usually this is not so important; this impression can adapt and change after a few seconds. But there are times, for example, before a job interview or meeting someone important whom you want to impress, where the first impression is the most important.

In these situations it is important to show self -confidence and openness, and this can be achieved with a great confident handshake. Your handshake should be firm.

The history of handshake

History of Handshake

The history of the handshake actually goes back to many centuries, to ancient Greece, where people would shake each other’s hands as a way to express trust, as shaking hands demonstrates that neither side is carrying a weapon. But now things have entirely changed. Now, it has become trend of shaking hands.

Confident handshake

One of the most important things to consider in handshakes is who should initiate it. Really there are two schools of thought. It is felt that the person of higher power and rank should initiate the handshake, for example: the hiring manager in a job interview. Waiting for the other to initiate the handshake may show deference and respect on your part. However, this could be at the cost of your appearance of confidence. Indeed, being the first to initiate the handshake in some circumstances may be seen as bold and a great expression of confidence on your part. So, basically it depends upon situation entirely.

Who should initiate it?

Stand and give respect

Two of the most important parts of delivering a strong, confident handshake happen before your hands make contact. Firstly, it is always a good idea to stand up to shake the person’s hand. Standing up and shaking up hands shows that you are respecting others.

Maintain an eye contact

As soon as someone initiates the handshake, until the handshake stops it’s a good idea to maintain eye contact. This is quite easy when there are no other people in the room, or you do not need to shake hands with anyone else. Maintaining eye contact has many benefits, it shows you are confident enough.

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