Unloading myths about paper which can change your perception about its usage

Unloading myths about ‘paper’: Can you imagine your life without paper?

No matter how much technologically advanced we become, few things will always remain irreplaceable. One such thing is Paper. A lot of us prefer textbooks over e-books, right? Paper is an integral part of our lives and there is nothing that could replace the touch of a paper. Therefore, it would be really hard to imagine a life without them, right? Today, we will be unloading myths about the paper that will change your perception about its usage.

myths about paper

There are a number of myths out there which misguide and mislead the public such as the use of paper leads to the destruction of the forest. Another myth associated with paper is that producing a lot of paper is very harmful environment.

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Unloading myths about paper


A  lot of trees are being cut to produce papers.

Fact: The trees used for making paper are an agricultural crop in reality. Paper can be made from some specific trees like Subabul and Casuarina that have a short lifespan and are specially grown for this purpose.


Paper production use too much water

Fact: The paper industry returns 85% of the water it uses and reduces water usage by 24% per tonne of paper made.


Why do we want to recycle paper if its 100% biodegradable and saving trees isn’t an issue?

Fact: We recycle paper to save landfills space. Papers are some of the consumer products that can be easily recycled and is generally used for many purposes other than writing.


Paper is wasteful and harmful for the environment.

Fact: Paper is one of the most recycled products with 65% of recovery rate. This increases the life cycle of paper making it more useful.


Paper is not as effective as digital media for education and learning.

Fact: taking notes on paper makes you learn things better because you draw each and every letter with your own hand thus enhancing overall understanding.


Paper is not sustainable

Fact:  The paper is made of up of wood that is a natural resource and is highly recyclable making it the most sustainable product.

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