Unknown facts about multiples!

Unknown facts about multiples: Mommies Pay attention please!!!

Baby brings bundle of joy for the couple but multiples(twins) brings multiple joy for the couple. Don’t think so? Here are some interesting facts about multiples.

Having twins can be fun as well pain for newly turned parents. They ofcourse need more attention and care but they will definitely full your life with happiness and joy.

Here,are some unknown facts about twins that you should definitely know! Mommies or even daddies just take a look here, if you are blessed with twins:

1. Shocking but true twins can have different biological father. Each month, a woman releases one egg that can be fertilized by one sperm.

However, there are times when two eggs are released, both of which could potentially be fertilized by separate male donors.

2. If twins are sperated then also they live very similar life Even if you separate twins in childhood or after few days of birth they will tend to live a very similar life.

Similarities that go beyond coincidental, such as marrying a woman with the same name, naming children the same, entering the same professions, and even falling ill at the same time have been reported by twins at high volumes.

3. If a pair of male twins marry pair of female twins their children legally will be cousins but genetically they will be full siblings. Since the genetic pool of identical twins is (not surprisingly) identical, if two sets of identical twins have children, those children have the same genetic makeup as their cousins.

4. Having twins can longer the mother’s Life Yes, twins are exceptionally lucky for mothers. It is believed that women who give birth to twins are healthier than those who don’t, and that twins are an evolutionary adaptation to pass on the genes of those mothers twice in one pregnancy.

Unknown facts about multiples!
twin girls

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5. Taller woman have more chances to deliver twins It’s not compulsory but it is believed that twins are mostly delivered by tall woman.

Countries with a taller than average ratio of women also have higher rates of births to twins. Taller people have higher levels of growth hormones, and in women this makes their ovaries more susceptible to spontaneous twinning.

6. Twins develop their bond in the womb

Of course, they share great bond with each other and it is believed they develop their bond in the mother’s womb only.

According to an Italian study, twins begin reaching for the other as early as 14 weeks. By the 18th week, they touch the other twin more than themselves. Interestingly, the twins also gestured with and were delicate with each other.

Unknown facts about multiples!

7. Belly buttons are easy way to recognize the difference between twins

Belly buttons are not genetic, they are scars left from removing the umbilical cord; and each one is slightly unique.

8. If woman have fraternal twins, one will exact copy of her

She is also much more likely to give birth to twins if she already has, or has a sibling who was a twin.

9. Twins are generally left-handed. They mostly use their left hands for the work.

10. Twins can be born month apart

Shocking, but this is indeed true due to complications such as the water breaking prematurely, twins can sometimes be born weeks to months apart. The record for time between births of twins is thought to be 87 days, nearly 3 months.

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