Understanding the concept of No Shave November

What are the rules for the concept of No Shave November?

The month of November is here which means no shave November or Movember. The concept involves growing beard for the entire month of November to bring men’s health in the spotlight.  No shave November is celebrated to make men aware about the prostate cancer. Men throw away the shavers for the entire month and donate money for the cancer patients that one typically spends on shaving. Here are a few interesting facts about the concept of No Shave November.

Concept of No Shave November

Understanding the concept of No Shave November

The concept of No Shave November was started by the Movember Foundation in fall 2004. The aim was to spread awareness for testicular and Colon cancers by not shaving for the entire month. Many patients lose their hair during the cancer treatment, the organization tends to do just opposite, by having their supporters grow their hair as long as possible.  The term No Shave November has gained a lot of momentum, there is another version of the event that is called Movember. The only difference between both the event is, Movember – growing only mustaches and No shave November means growing everything.

Even Bollywood celebs celebrate this event with a lot of zeal. Actor Ranveer Singh is known for his beard style.  The trend of not shaving for the entire month is followed by millennials. Bollywood hotties are also growing their beard and are giving some serious beard goals.

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Here are a few important rules that will help you to do your Movember right, take a look

Rule1: Start Clean and sign up for Movember

November. It’s a new start, a new chapter. So start clean.  The best way is to with a bald face, including your upper lip. If you are not sure which style to go for, you can do a research work. Do not forget to sign up on

Rule2: Grow it well: Don’t grow too much of a beard

The whole point of Movember is to use your beard for advocacy and awareness. It is not about your beard. The growth of the beard is a tricky part. Always keep your beard and face moisturized. Wash your beard often and use a good quality of oil to keep your beard hydrated.

Rule3: Do not shave, please! 

Come on! You have made it this far. Why turn back now? Do not shave. Instead of shaving your beard, focus on making your beard look the best. Give your 100 percent in this great cause. It can save men from cancer and depression.

Happy No Shave November to all the men out there!

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