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Understanding Self Dependency & why you need it the most? 

How being a self-dependent person can change your perspective towards life? SELF DEPENDENCY AND WHAT does IT mean?


Hello Everyone! I hope you are doing good. In the previous post, I discussed the Art of Gratitude and I hope you all understood its importance, today we will discuss Self Dependency and how it can change you and your perspective towards life.

So, let’s understand this term first:

Self-dependency is nothing but simply being self-reliant, meaning, instead of seeking help or being dependant on others for something, we start to think about doing ourselves.

I know, we should definitely seek help from others if we feel stuck and we should never be afraid of asking for help from others. But here, I want to discuss being *Emotionally Independent* and *financial Independent*.


Financial independence should not be genderbiased. We should not promote only men to be financially sound. We must promote everyone to be financially independent irrespective of their gender. Being financially independent should be an integral part of every woman’s life. It gives them a sense of achievement that yes, we have achieved something in life and we are not dependent on anybody for our materialistic needs. For women, financial independence also brings a sense of freedom to live on their own terms. It gives them the level of satisfaction that we have achieved something in life.  I don’t want to discuss this so in deep because we are all aware of it very well. Here, I want to shed light on emotional independence.


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(Enjoy every small thing in life)


What is emotional independence and how it aids the process towards SELF LOVE?

Emotional independence is as the name signifies, being mentally and emotional self-reliant or self-dependent. You become emotionally independent when your mental peace and your happiness is not based on the outside world or dependent on the other person. Of course, to make any relationship successful, love, concern and expectation is important and it’s human nature that we expect certain things from the people we love. . Honestly, there is nothing wrong with it. But, to find the balance is something we need to learn. The way people think about us should not matter the most that it starts to affect our mental health.

Healthy criticism opens the door for the progress but no criticism should affect our mental well-being. People get so reliant on others for their happiness and start to feel empty and guilty when they leave. Relationships matters, but the relationship that you have with yourself should matter the most to you. And once you improve that, trust me you will not be dependent on any other person for your happiness. You will be at peace and satisfied.

(How your well being matters?)

Improve the relationship that you have with yourself. More you start to appreciate yourself, encourage yourself when feeling low, and more you try to understand yourself, better your mental state will be.

Emotional independence is important to succeed in life because you are better able to focus on your dreams and goals irrespective of how bad your relationship goes with another person. People will come in your life and go, but the relationship that you will have with yourself will be there till the end. Once you are emotionally independent, you will ultimately start to focus on things that matter to you the most and you will be unstoppable.

So, look yourself today in the mirror and thank yourself to be there through thick and thins. Buy yourself your favourite chocolate and gifts

Start loving yourself and cherishing this relationship with yourself.

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