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Understanding men: What they say & truly mean when ask for intimacy

Can men live without sex? What exactly men think when they talk about intimacy?

If talk about sex, men are more dominating in some way or the other compared to women which some (women) actually like it and prefer.

There are different kinds of intimacy like emotional intimacy, sexual intimacy, and spiritual intimacy. And it can be shared in many different relationship constellations – with friends, family, community, a faith, with lovers, strangers, through art, and in our interactions with the greater world.

Experts say that when a man truly falls in love, he can wait to have sex with a woman and will still stick around until they both get together. But, he will stick around no matter what and whilst being emotionally attracted to her and faithful to that one woman.

Shocking though, isn’t it?

But yes it is a fact. However, there is another fact too, that he is going to have sex sooner or later.  Although, remember always that some men are neither manipulative nor devious and what they say is usually pretty close to what they mean. They say something which isn’t always crystal clear to us.

Before we go further, know this that what men actually want when they push you for sex?

If this happens, it is a good thing.

If a guy pressures you to have sex in some way or the other, that’s not only being desperate on his part, but it’s actually a good sign and you can stop him before anything even starts. You will get to know what it will be like with him.

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Here are some common thoughts I came across to help you guide a little about what men say and what they actually mean:


1. ‘Talk naughty to me’:  When he says you’re naughty and starts a hot conversation, he actually means “Come on. Get dirty and weird with me.”  Simply put, when he asks for a dirty talk, a part of him is hoping you’ll say anything to make him imagine the best he always wanted.


2. “Babe, Do you like that honey?”: This honestly means that he’s checking and trying to make sure if you’re ok with it and if you really liked what he just did because, it’s way sexier to ask this than to ask, “Um, honey am I doing an OK job?”, or “Please tell me if it’s ok what I am doing”.

3. “Hey, you know what would be hot?”: During sex, cuddling, or even when you’re talking dirty over the phone, when he says, “Hey, do you know what would be so hot?” he really means, “Can we please try something hot umm … physically or any specific position? If yes, let me come over to your place. In such situations, it is a fact that guys are unbelievably free or can manage to come anyhow.

4. “Look at me”: If he says “look at me” or wants you to look at him then sometimes, it can be an emotional connection. However, during sex, he wants to see your expression to understand how you’re feeling and reacting to what he is doing. The expression says a lot even if you’re faking it.

5. “You look so hot in this dress”: May be he is not lying and he likes to give you such  compliments but the truth is he also wants to have sex and maybe you’re ok with it since you’re looking ‘SO HOT’.


6. “Threesome seems so hot”: It is pretty much clear that he wants you to be comfortable with it if he talks about it. Perhaps, it is on his mind already as if he keeps on saying this or if he spoke this word ‘threesome’ too often, in front of you, then there is no doubt that he wants to try and he wants you to actively participate in it.


7. Let’s watch this movie”: If he says this normally, then probably there is nothing to think about. But, if the movie contains adult scenes, there are good chances that he wants you to pick something and to try on the bed. Guys usually like this to do to copy something from a movie and to perform in bed with their partner.


8. “He wants you to take charge”: For some men, imagining sex is wonderful. IF he is saying that “babe you take the charge”, he means he is tired or he wants to take control from the other side and wants to see it through for better orgasms.

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