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Understanding Deeper meaning of Feminism: It’s not about ‘Naarivaad’

Clearing your concepts of Feminism

Feminism is an activity organized for women for their rights and interests. It is often misunderstood that feminism is about portraying women better than men. Feminism is all about giving equal opportunities to women. It includes equal educational and professional opportunities for women. A feminist believes in equality. It means making a peaceful environment for both the genders. In a nutshell, feminism doesn’t mean a war between men and women. It is not about proving women better than men.

(Feminism is about equality)

What is feminism?

According to Google, the word feminism means “ advocacy of women’s right on the ground of political, social, and economic equality to men.” In our society, the existence of a patriarchal system and masculinity is worked as a toxic which marginalized the gender. Its main focus is equality but not the female superiority or womanhood. Feminism is about being a woman or any other gender person should be as good and safe as a man, but in the current scenario, it isn’t.

Feminism against gender stereotype

Feminism is a movement to get equal rights for women and other genders who suffer from inequality in society. Feminism is against gender stereotyping. There were instances where women used feminism card in the wrong sense.  Any person who practices feminism is known as feminist. Feminist can be any person of any gender.

Just talking about women right and not thinking about LGBTQ or other discriminated communities is not feminism. A feminist never support the bias but knows what is right and what is not. A person who believes in equal rights for both men and women regardless of their gender they are called as feminist.

Feminism: Balancing the power

Some people think feminism seeks to bring men down from their position of power but in reality, it is balancing the powers or correcting the power imbalance and affording the opportunities as a men peer. It is about treating both male and females equally, regardless of their gender. This movement was started with a goal that women should have equal rights in society as a male have.

(Equal opportunity for women)

In today’s time, it is seen that not only females face humiliation and discrimination but others also. Still, there is so much inequality faced by women’s in terms of salary, work, and many other things. In the corporate world and even in Bollywood industry there is the difference in the salaries and packages that are offered to men and women. For the same work females get less paid than males.

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